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  1. heihachi

    3DS and Wii U eShops close at end of March

    so what are they going to do about how wii u's apparently brick themselves? i assume they're going to jailbreak and back up everything somehow instead of just putting that wii u on a shelf behind glass
  2. heihachi Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    case for sure is a repro, insert colors look off, I'd say 99% boot just based on those
  3. heihachi

    NFL - 2022 Thread

    the refs should send that guy a fruit basket or something.
  4. heihachi

    FS: AES carts (Added pics, lots of stuff)

    Sam Sho 1/2/3 now sold for $240
  5. heihachi

    Most impressive AI shit (so far)

    So this one's blowing my mind a bit: They trained an ai using videos of a big world of warcraft streamer (asmongold) and then asked it a bunch of questions on a live stream. The combo of the video, the ai voice, the comprehension of the questions, and the realistic answers are just crazy to...
  6. heihachi

    China is trippin’…

    dry run for an emp attack ahead of Taiwan invasion. hope you got your aes carts in a faraday cage
  7. heihachi


    I'll probably sell mine when my aes copy arrives.
  8. heihachi

    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    No clue about ADK since I’ve never been interested in that one. Yamagikun’s range for KOF94 seems good for a truly mint copy. Depending on condition could down to $300-$350 on the lower end. I think his KOF97 might actually be a bit low considering there’s an *insert* alone that sold on eBay...
  9. heihachi

    What do you do if your power fails in arctic conditions?

    burn your aes inserts and manuals for warmth
  10. heihachi

    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    Glass Onion - Goofier, not as good as the first one. I don't mind humor in these, but it feels like telling a compelling mystery took a backseat to gags. Also, the beginning of the movie went a little overboard with the "covid is happening right now" stuff. Everyone who is watching the movie now...
  11. heihachi

    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    Parasite - Thought it was going to be a zombie movie for some reason...probably because Hulu has it in the horror section which I don't understand after watching it. Good movie. Crimes of the Future - Not as weird or as gross as I was expecting. Kind of boring, thought the scenes where Viggo...
  12. heihachi

    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

    PKs are such a terrible way to end these matches. Bring back golden goal
  13. heihachi

    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

    It doesn’t really matter, but that video replay and overturn at the end of the France-Tunisia game was dumb.
  14. heihachi

    Black Friday 2022

    Got a collector box of new capenna off Amazon.
  15. heihachi

    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    It really is a crap shoot, so if you have patience and mint original copy then no harm starting at $2500. If you get some interest at that price but no takers, you could offer a couple hundred bucks off to try and seal the deal. I do think that’s a bit high though and you’re much more likely...
  16. heihachi

    WTB - Analogue Pocket

    I haven’t seen an IPS screen mod in person, but the pocket does look *damn* nice if you can avoid cracking it, esp for GB and GBC games. I can’t really go back to stock screens. The SP 101s in particular have really bad color bleed or something (not sure what it’s called) that makes action games...
  17. heihachi

    A Mother's perspective on her collectard son

    If someone says "partner" I assume they're a gay bottom, the cuck in some weird modern family arrangement, or in the process of transitioning until there is further clarification about the nature of their relationship.
  18. heihachi

    NFL - 2022 Thread

    This has been a nice, vintage Mahomes performance. They should just flex all remaining Chiefs games to SNF