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    Can any one here gave me a good reason to buy a PS4 Pro over a PS4?

    Simple my launch PS4 is starting to die. My local Best Buy has those gun metal PS4 for $300.00. Or for $100.00 more I can get a PS4 Pro. I do not have a 4K gaming TV and have no plans to buy one in the future so that isn't factor. I currently have a 2tb SSD I plan on putting in it.
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    What Scart Switch do you use?

    I am looking for a quality scart switch. The two ones I keep seeing are the hama and the bandridge.
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    PC Engine / Turbo Grafx Modders

    Since the days of D Lite are long gone who is the person to go to for PC Engine / Turbo Grafx mods?
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    Why do I need a PS4 Pro?

    With the recent price drop on the PS4 Pro it has gotten me curious on what the system has to offer. So far I can't find real master list of enhanced games and I don't own a 4K TV yet as my Panasonic Plasma is doing and looking just fine. Does anybody on here who has one see any real benefits...
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    offical wwe thread

    ROH was awesome Saturday night.
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    Man kills himself at a Arcade in Gatlinburg TN
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    Is the Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundle rare?

    I am hearing reports of Microsoft only doing one shipment of the bundle and people not being able to find them in stores.
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    Who is the MAN these days for PC Engine mods?

    I pulled my US Duo out of storage today do some yearly halloween Dracula X gaming. I have zero sound and the AV output wants to scroll on the screen. So it looks like a cap replacement time. I found but does anybody know of anybody else also, D-Lite isn't around anymore.
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    Xbox One Impressions

    Does anybody here own a Xbox One and really enjoy it? I am tinking about getting the White Sunset Overdrive bundle. Is Killer Instinct worth my time?
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    Can you still download PSP games on to the Vita though the PS Store?

    I am thinking about getting a Vita soon. You could download PSP games from the PS Store and transfer them to your Vita through the PS3 but Sony has pulled then off of the PS3 PS Store. Can you still do this with the Vita through the PS Store?
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    Are there any good legit Blu-ray playback programs for the Mac?

    So I got a new Mac and I want to be able to watch movies on the great display. It's 2013 and I don't buy stand def anymore.
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    Does anybody else have this problem with their Neo-Geo X?

    When I plug mine into the docking station the joystick icon comes on up at the top of the screen but the joystick won't do anything. I have to keep turning the unit off and on, off and on before the joystick will work. I know the joystick works fine fine because it works like a champ with my...
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    Playstation 3D display monitors are now $200.00

    Does anybody on here own one, if so how do you like it? Every retail store had them on close out for $200.00. I thought about buying one as a gaming TV and using a upscan converter for older consoles.
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    Public Collections database

    I think that it would be cool if we a had a collections page for members. Similar to what has for its members for keeping track of their bluray collections. That way the community could also keep track of how many carts or CDs are out there, and members could better keep track of...
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    XRGB-mini Framemeister

    Does anybody here own one yet, and if so what is your thoughts on it?
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    SNK Neo-Super MVS Converter II USB version 2011

    Does anybody know anything about the new SNK Neo-Super MVS Converter II version 2011?
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    Buying stuff form Japan these days

    Serious question, what do all of you think about the chances of games coming from Japan having radioactive contamination? I know most of the import shops on eBay and such are located around the Tokyo area. I have seen a lot of people second guessing about buying items from Japan lately, and I...
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    digital antenna

    I am looking to get rid of my cable and go back to regular TV and I was wondering if anybody here could recommend me a good digital antenna. I guess that outdoor would be better than a indoor?
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    Melty Blood PS2 ports

    If I was to get Melty Blood Actress Again for that PS2 is there any use in getting Melty Blood Act Cadenza? I have never played any of these games and I don’t know if it varies as much as it does in the Guilty Gear X series or not.