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  1. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Marktheshark!

    Happy birthday buddy
  2. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Tron

    Happy Birthday Program! may you find much tranya to drink this day .
  3. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Mark!

    happy birthday Marktheshark :multi_co:
  4. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Tron!

    :multi_co: have a great birthday today tron :multi_co: .
  5. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Marktheshark

    Happy birthday Mark! may the celebration be weeklong!
  6. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Tron!

    May you feast well this day. Happy Birthday bud .
  7. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Marktheshark!

    happy birthday and have fun today mark ! :cake: .
  8. jetblue


    Happy birthday program :multi_co::multi_co::multi_co:
  9. jetblue

    Happy Birthday MARKTHESHARK

    Happy birthday mark! :multi_co::multi_co::multi_co:
  10. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Marktheshark

    Happy Birthday Mark! :multi_co::multi_co::multi_co:
  11. jetblue

    neo geo cd toploader fixes and things

    hi,had some adventures with the neo cd toploader and thought id share. first is the power on but black screen fix i posted earlier in the year: found many more neo cd's with the same thing but different...
  12. jetblue

    R.I.P. SnowKitty

    last picture he shared with us
  13. jetblue

    neo geo cd black screen

    hi,got a neo cd toploader that needed service last month. thought it was a simple laser issue as it would not boot games. discovered it would not show main menu but game did spin. Av was completely dead,blackscreen,blank,wouldn't display or audio. using my own neo cd i swapped parts and found...
  14. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Tron!

    may your program be on a continuous loop for all time. happy birthday buddy
  15. jetblue

    TG/PCE CDROM repair and more

    My email if you wish to do buisness thru that than on this site: Hi,before I start I have no paypal. Cash for any of these items is thru concealed letter in envelope,dvd case in bubble mailer or trade goods. For console repair cash hidden in the cd lid or slot door or...
  16. jetblue

    chicago area cocktail muticade

    Not mine but at my local salvation army store at 9000 South Harlem Avenue Bridgeview, IL 60455-1944 (708) 598-2376 has a ugly in need of work cocktail or sit down cab that looks like this one: they want $65. Has paint chipping,blast shield is missing etc. Only saw written on it galaxy...
  17. jetblue


    Happy sweet seventeen buddy! :buttrock:
  18. jetblue

    Neo 29 cab info please

    hi,this thread is on behalf of a member here that desperatly needs pictures and info of a neo cab 29 setup before he plugs it in and frys something. pictures of the connections and harness most important Molex at speakers (midway point at about just above power supply) Test switch molex...
  19. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Marktheshark

    happy birthday to a fellow chatman and illinoisican :buttrock:
  20. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Tron2.0

    Happy bday buddy. i hope you get that puppy you been wanting :D