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    ***NEW DATE***Philly Area Meat Up @ Jim’s Game Gym 3/5/2023

    Appreciate you still putting on the meet during all the stuff you’ve got going on. I’ll bring a cooler full of Yeungling. I’m down to also throw in some cash for a joint pizza run with some folks. You KNOW I need me some Jackie Chan in my life. A lot of the shmups look great too— the macross...
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    ***NEW DATE***Philly Area Meat Up @ Jim’s Game Gym 3/5/2023

    I’ll be there!!! Looking forward to it!
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    2014 Halloween Costume Thread

    Post up your costumes for this year, unless you are old and grumpy. If that's that case, just make fun of the people posting them! Fun for all! I'll start by showing you my red undies:
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    Spooky Arcade Games?

    I'm trying to get in the Halloween spirit. Thinking of loading up a spooky good arcade game (or a few) on a MAME setup during trick or treat. Have to do SOMETHING while drinking heavily and throwing candy at children. Any suggestions?
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    FS: NES, Genesis, Nintendo DS

    Offloading some of my doubles. Prices do not include shipping, however I charge actual shipping—and prefer sending USPS Priority. SO include ZIP in your PM and I’ll get you a total. Pics upon request. NES: (All loose unless specified) Ninja Gaiden 2 w/ manual (clipped ID badge on back corner)...
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    WHich Big Lebowski character are you?

    I got the big Lab! YESSSS!!!!
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    MVS typo listing

    Guy just posted the new shockbox cover art. Pretty sweet!
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    Free: Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition & Crusader Kings II

    Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition & Crusader Kings II Steam keys. No leeches, noobs, or people I don't like.
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    RBG Monitors

    What you're looking for is any model PVM with low hours, late manufacture date, and RGB inputs. Here is a picture to give you an idea: See the inputs that are R/R-Y,G/Y, B/B-Y? Those are RGB and component inputs. Meaning they can do either or. Some monitors (mostly older pvms) can only do RGB...
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    "Candy Cab" Egret II monitor enhancement

    Damn SUPREME you really got the treatment in this thread. It was a funny read though. Here is something you may want to look into for both your cab & your jordans: Retrobright that shit for like 7 bucks.
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    Naomi Universal....WHAT DID I BREAK?

    Long story short: Convergence on the monitor was completely garbage. I had the Red drive pumped to start adjusting the purity...and while turning up the brightness on the flyback--WHAM. Monitor kicked off. Turning it back on and the monitor is a white garbled screen. I do have a multimeter...
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    Blast city grounding issue?

    Any help appreciated. For some reason out of the blue my P1 loom started putting directions in an auto fire type state--making it impossible to select a character in KOF98 for example. And for certain games the buttons are pressed constantly. When I plug the same amp plug into p2 using the...
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    WTB: Garou MOTW

    MVS Garou MOTW. Surprise! Another WTB garou thread. Thought I'd give this a go given how fast they've been scooped lately. I really don't care about condition as long as the price reflects it-- just want the boards are real and the cart is structurally sound. THANKS!
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    Broken CPS3 Motherboard, No Simms/cart.

    First off...NOT MY LISTING. Not sure if this is worth it, given there is no indication as to what is wrong...and the simms are getting harder to find...but I figure maybe someone with technical knowledge could use or revive this. Maybe for the gamble for $20 shipped...
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    Found. Close please!

    As the title says, I'm looking for a functioning 1 slot MVS located in the USA (damn them international shipping prices!). I don't mind which model it is (edit...except I don't want an MV-1)...but I prefer one of the horizontal models. If it has a uni-bios, or socketed BIOS, that's a plus too...
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    WTB: CPS3 metal cage...

    Not sure how so many of these got cageless... But I'm looking for a CPS3 metal cage. If anyone knows of anything else I can buy that could save a few bucks— like from some supergun enclosure sourcing site, that fits cps3 hardware NICELY, I don't mind that either.
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    Interest Check? Small BETACAM SP & DVC PRO plastic tape boxes?

    Do these fit any games decently? My work throws out a bunch of these fairly often so if they are useful I'd be happy to send them to someone if they pay shipping instead of in the trash. The tapes are used, and can weigh quite a bit--so really, this is for boxes only.
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    gutted blast city cab... Not sure if this is helpful to anyone...but I found this while looking for an MVS the other day. Pics make it look clean...but there isn't much to it. Maybe someone out there is looking for parts and can get a deal?
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    Retron 3 RGB mod?

    Is this possible? Has anyone done this? Just curious because it does output S-video for Genesis and SNES. Any help appreciated.
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    Jamma to RGB for PVM bootleg cab.

    What is the best, practical, durable way to output RGB and ground it to my PVM from JAMMA? Speak to me as if I'm a child...I know pretty much next to nothing, and I would appreciate if anyone could lend some time to answer. Backstory incase it's needed: I'm hoping to build a set-up...