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    Nanao MS9 cap listing and location

    Hi guys. Exhuming this thread for some advice :-) I've got a Sega New Astro City with Nanao MS9 monitor, and monitor control board (located near joystick panel) 05A00675C1 (see photo). All works fine except for occasional brightness shifting between dark and normal brightness. Something on the...
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    Dead Or Alive 5 - nude mod game

    On youtube but apparently nothing that can be actually played. Call me a perv, but I would buy this game in a raised heartbeat :-)
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    How to use 2nd amplifier in a Sega New Astro City

    The PSU provides a weedy 8W to the small speakers. Very quiet, and particularly with a RaspberryJAMMA as the Pi has no built-in audio (or video) amp. I recently upgraded the speakers and it's got even quieter :-( However, there is a large amp beneath the PSU which is unused (see photo). The...
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    Sega New Astro City- CRT PCB issue (brightness)

    Toshiba CRT brightness switches between bright and darker, apparently linked to the control PCB located in the control panel. Affected by vibration e.g. when I slam down panel (I think the small brightness pot on the PCB which had been pressed down onto PCB by frustrated previous owner...
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    JAMMA connectors question

    Now with the photos the right way around!
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    JAMMA connectors question

    I just bought (my first) Sega New Astro City cab. Only buttons 1-3 are wired, but the JAMMA harness has a pass-through connector- might these be for buttons 4-6? What is the 10-pin plug attached to the JAMMA edge connector for? Finally, inside the cab what is the unused 10-pin connector for...
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    Loss of +12VDC on pinout F- explains loss of audio?

    Found the problem! It's this T3, 15A, 250V fuse which had blown. All working fine now. As a bonus, as I'd adjusted the voltages to get exactly +5.0V on pinout C+D (which blew the fuse), the NeoSD seems to be working fine now without rebooting. It was +5.4V before. Phew... Thanks hugely for your...
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    Loss of +12VDC on pinout F- explains loss of audio?

    On the PSU see this top middle orange wire. I checked with meter and it's 0 not +12VDC, so this is the issue. Question is are there any fuses or what can be repaired??
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    Loss of +12VDC on pinout F- explains loss of audio?

    I've tried 3 different NG boards- no sound on any. Rules out fried board. The main board in the Electrocoin is 6-slot. Tried ArcadeSD PCB in the cab and it worked fine including (weirdly) sound, but at least shows audio amp and speakers and wiring ok. Here are some photos of the PSU. Sorry...
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    Loss of +12VDC on pinout F- explains loss of audio?

    After adjusting voltage on Hantarex switched power supply in an Electrocoin NG cab (for NeoSD) I seem to have lost voltage on pin F (+12VDC) which is now zero. Could this explain why there is no sound from NG games but all else works? What does the +12V supply? Anything obvious I should check...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    After 5.5 years of waiting, received a Magic Girl pinball machine :-)
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    AIRFRAME: Arcade Operating System and SKYCURSER Updates

    I recently ordered SkyCurser and have it set up in a NeoGeo cab right now. Lovely game with strong influences of SNK, Metal Slug etc. I'm not an operator but had to have it, a bit like getting NGDev stuff :-) It was easy to connect to wifi, and an update is coming shortly to add stage 4. That...