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  1. SuperGun

    WTB: Neo Geo Posters + Flyers

    MVS Double Poster Flyers Here are some pics:
  2. SuperGun

    NeoGeo ROM Preservation Society thread.

    rom preservation contributions Hey guys, sorry, I've been very busy lately with a project. I have most of these carts, and the pc to neo device here with me. Raz, tell me if you need these two carts pictured here that I just ran the CRC on. (it's hard for me to know 100% for sure since I'm...
  3. SuperGun

    FS: MVS Cartridges

    Hello, I have MVS Cartridges for sale. Check my last post in this thread for the list. Please contact me via email. Thank you for reading.
  4. SuperGun

    WTB: English neogeo CD Crossed Swords

    Greetings! I'm looking for an English neogeo cd Crossed Swords Must be English! Must have disc, manual, and back tray insert! Spine? -- couldn't care less! Jewel case condition? -- couldn't care less! Disc scratches? -- couldn't care less! Price? -- couldn't care less! PM me if you have this...
  5. SuperGun

    Ghostlop proto MVS cart

    Additional Data East Proto Cartridges Here are some others I found while trying to locate this one: Data East Magical Drop 3 Proto Cartridge Data East Street Slam Proto Cartridge unknown NGF cartridge which has been claimed to be several different games over the years! posting this here...
  6. SuperGun

    Ghostlop proto MVS cart

    the same Ghostlop Proto 2004 and 2017 As you wish... Here is a side by side comparison. No doubt, as I said earlier, the exact same cartridge that surfaced in October of 2004, now again in June 2017. Ghostlop Proto Cartridge in 2004 Ghostlop Proto Cartridge in 2017
  7. SuperGun

    WTB: English neogeo cd Soccer Brawl

    FOUND! Thank you very much!
  8. SuperGun

    WTB/T: English NeoGeo CD games

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy some English Neo Geo CD games. I don't have a specific list of titles to put here, but I'm mostly after the non versus fighting games, but just contact me if you have any you might consider selling. Sealed or opened. Spine or no spine. So long as the game is in at...
  9. SuperGun

    Freeplay Florida 2016

    Hey guys, Just a reminder that it's been another year and the best video game show in Florida is Friday November 11th through Sunday November 13th. Last year we had several NeoGeo cabinets at the show, including a dedicated Irritating Maze, as well as several...
  10. SuperGun

    WTB: Various MVS Titles

    MVS Cartridges OK, here is a group picture of all the carts in the same order as I listed them in the above post: AND THE DETAILS: -- MVS cartridges -- Japanese, replacement, and/or damaged labels -- all carts will play in English on a US system -- 100% authentic & original carts (no boots!)...
  11. SuperGun

    WTB: Sega Clay Challenge Atomiswave cartridge

    Looking to see if anyone here might have an Atomiswave cartridge of "Sega Clay Challenge" for sale. If you have the cartridge, the board & cartridge, or even the kit, for sale or trade, then please send me a message. Thanks. *Guilty Gear X cartridge found. Thank you.
  12. SuperGun

    Arcade Auction (central Florida) tomorrow

    There's an arcade auction tomorrow (Saturday June 4th) at the central Florida fairgrounds in the Orlando area. Hundreds of arcade cabinets (NEOGEO MVS) & opportunities to buy them. Also, if anyone wants to buy any MVS carts, save shipping costs, you can buy them from me in person, save on shipping.
  13. SuperGun

    NGF EBay account selling supposed rare NG prototypes.

    More NGF inconsistencies... I was going to wait on this, but sure, fine, I will elaborate now: (for those with short attention spans, skip to the bottom for the quick version with pics; this first part is merely the sources, in case it is brought into question) TIMELINE DATE: February 18...
  14. SuperGun

    NGF EBay account selling supposed rare NG prototypes.

    Neo Modem While I agree that NGF picture has become epic & timeless, and by all means let someone post it if they want, but please try to keep this thread on point for just a little while longer. I don't need some power hungry mod like ROT coming in here and moving it to The War Room where it...
  15. SuperGun

    NGF EBay account selling supposed rare NG prototypes.

    NeoGeo Home System Modem Here is the information on the home system modem as was provided by another member here not too long ago: Obviously completely different intended applications for the home system modem.
  16. SuperGun

    WTB: few MVS & AES titles

    Damaged serial numbers Yes, I do have a USA Metal Slug 1 holographic label cart, but it is my only one and from my personal collection so I don't want to sell it! However, I do also have an extra/spare really nice USA MS1 normal label cart that I can offer in trade to someone with a...
  17. SuperGun

    WTB: Neo Geo MVS carts - 3 carts to go!

    Here is a picture of the carts I have. I guess the nicer Goal cart would be $60. The crappier one $50. The nice Japanese Savage Reign $60 and the replacement label one $40 and the Japanese Ultimate Eleven $40. Just estimates here. All depends on which ones and/or how many you buy as well as...
  18. SuperGun

    WTB Bang Bead & Matrimelle MVS (Cart only)

    I've got both Matrimelee & Twinkle Star Sprites. But it will be expensive my friend. $500 shipped to Germany.
  19. SuperGun

    Crossed Swords 2 AES/MVS and Rom Thread.

    Absolutely beautiful. A great project from start to finish with help & input from some of our best members here. Hats off and a thousand thanks to all who showed interest in it, worked on it, helped with it, pre-ordered it, and got involved with it. Many people here may not know or have long...
  20. SuperGun

    MVS Holographic Labels

    NEOGEO MVS HOLOGRAPHIC LABEL CART CLUB I don't know how you managed to take that pic with all the labels reflecting the light so well, I tried for a while & took dozens of pics, and this was the best I could manage. Here is my holographic label cartridge pic: