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  1. SudoShinji

    Pandora Box 3 not working with supergun

    That would be awesome, I am attaching my pics here.
  2. SudoShinji

    Pandora Box 3 not working with supergun

    Hey all, I bought a pandora box 3 (the ps4 looking version that was recommended) a while back and haven't ever used it because the signal is wrong when outputting to my supergun > pvm setup. I would love it if anyone could offer a solution so I could actually use this other than a paperweight...
  3. SudoShinji

    Anyone know where to grab TurboGrafx RGB cables?

    retrorgb has two links up for seller's that no longer sell these cables. Does anyone know where I can grab an RGB cable or does anyone here make them?
  4. SudoShinji

    DIY security systems

    Weve had a whole slew of robberies in the neighborhood and I'm looking to install a diy security system. Does anyone have experience with any systems or have Reccomendations?
  5. SudoShinji

    Buying a new handgun what should I get?

    This is actually what I want to do.
  6. SudoShinji

    Buying a new handgun what should I get?

    I'm looking for a nice conceal but something fun to take out plinking too. It's been a while since I've bought anything not rifle related, I'm leaning towards a glock 26. Any suggestions?
  7. SudoShinji

    Japan trip, what should I look out for?

    My main want is a PC engine with some games, looks like these are going for a couple thousand yen on Japanese sites? Does anyone have any good shops around Tokyo or Yokohama that's not crazy overpriced akihabara bs? Super potato has blown up too so I'm looking at hard off but is there anywhere...
  8. SudoShinji


    Years ago I got a cert in java but I could write a statement to save my life without Google these days. I work in IT but am thinking about moving to the programming side of things as a career change. Is java still a good job market? Is there a better option?
  9. SudoShinji

    Pandora Box 3 Multi-Game 520-1 PCB

    I'm not sure what the pinout on this thing is. Would I just desolder because there's not much to cut? Also I know I'm a plebe so thank you for your help.
  10. SudoShinji

    Pandora Box 3 Multi-Game 520-1 PCB

    Here's the setup
  11. SudoShinji

    Pandora Box 3 Multi-Game 520-1 PCB

    Got mine in today. Plugged it in and I'm just getting jumbled picture, the sound works fine but the image is messed up. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.
  12. SudoShinji

    Humble bundle neo geo collection

    Lots of titles for $10 if anyone is interested.
  13. SudoShinji

    CRT Fetish Thread

    Thought I'd share what is quite possibly the worst result of a cross hatch test ever before popping the back off and adjusting my pots. *does anyone know where the vertical pots is on a 1953md? Or how to shrink screen size horizontally?
  14. SudoShinji


    Any other hockey fans in here? Flames v bruins game tonight was one of the most exciting I've seen in a long time even if my team lost.
  15. SudoShinji

    NEO TURF MASTERS: Los Turfes Club! Score Thread.

    Sudo shinji - -6 - south-pacific open - mvs (US console mode via unibios/mvs difficulty) - golfer german - 3 credits
  16. SudoShinji

    New scart cable causing dark screen

    I recently replaced my cheap $5 scart cable that has loose teeth with a nice $30 gold plated cable thinking it would improve some small problems I was seeing. This is all on a pvm 20mdu, the new cable is causing a really dark image on the screen that I can't seem to fix by adjusting the...
  17. SudoShinji

    Metal slug x cart keeps flashing

    Recently purchased x cart acts like its going to start but then infinitely restarts after the green screen. Boards feel a little loose but not sure if that matters. I've tried cleaning it and putting it in a million times to no avail.
  18. SudoShinji

    Unibios for mv-1c question

    I just want to make sure I'm ordering this correctly. I saw that Jamma Nation has the neobiosmasta and I am more than comfortable ordering from Xian Xi as his reputation precedes him. I can only find the unibios chip at, is this the correct place or is there...
  19. SudoShinji

    supergun pvm help

    Thanks so much for the help man! So I have a clear picture with ext sync now. It still won't really djust according yo chroma and contrast changes but its playable noe at least.
  20. SudoShinji

    supergun pvm help

    I use ext sync for Sega which I just hooked up and is working perfectly for reference