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  1. Dark Sakul

    Consolized MVS 1C system RGB output problem

    I been asking the same questions elsewhere in the greater retro gaming community. Though to look here and found this thread. I don't think a multimeter is the right tool for the job, the problem, being a multi meter measures constant current and a C Sync is a signal, a wave form. So with a...
  2. Dark Sakul

    If you don't have enough reasons to hate sealed graded games.

    So a guy submits a sealed game to UK Graders gets a 75, opens the box carefully resubmits the game and it comes back (same game) with a higher grade of 85.
  3. Dark Sakul

    Tim Atwood gets banned from Nintendo Age

    So where do everyone stand on this issue? It sounds like Tim was just being a good guy and looking out for people who just love video games and is against flippers and those who take advantage of game collectors. Looking at the Nintendo game forums for what happens is no help. There just too...
  4. Dark Sakul

    Reproduction/ Boot Games (non-Neo Geo)

    When would you consider it okay to purchase a replica game cart? The other day I toyed with the idea of buying a Star Ocean SNES cart that's been translated to English. For the sake of argument I also mention unreleased stuff such as Star Fox 2 and Fan Hacks such as Legend of Zelda Parallel...
  5. Dark Sakul

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I found this at a local Goodwill, $3 each is a steal (plus tax), their condition is reasonably good. The Smash Bros Melee case also had a memory card left inside.
  6. Dark Sakul

    Joyboard option - go official or full custom?

    Here the basic DB 15 wiring This should cover both NEO GEO and NEO GEO+ formats. NEO GEO+ is for superguns that also have support for 6 button games like Capcom titles.
  7. Dark Sakul

    Samurai Shodown - Everyone Kal Kal Kal - Android & IOS

    I need to employ Patrick Stewart to expertise my "displeasure" with this poorly made Korean mockery of what sorta looks like a SNK game if I squint my eyes.
  8. Dark Sakul

    WTB: MV-IC or NeoCardMasta

    Looking for a working Memory card reader for the MVS. I will take either the original MV-IC board or the NeoCardMasta board. I prefer to have the cables as well.
  9. Dark Sakul

    Looking for Advice/Feed back. SuperGun MVS or Consoleized MVS

    So this is approx your shopping list? Your cost is $202.50, I got $180.30 and I picked the more expensive shaft cover kit. So whats the $22.20 is in, Shipping costs?
  10. Dark Sakul

    Best Neo Geo motherboard

    Well the Marine Corps taught me that blood makes the grass grow.... Kill, kill, kill
  11. Dark Sakul

    Share MVS peculiar labels on your collection!

    As I was seeing Pull Star, this theme popped into my head Instead of Brave Star I heard Pull Star, a MVS Shmup that makes Cho anaki look sexually tame (and less homoerotic) But I digress I been working on some custom color labels.
  12. Dark Sakul

    Share MVS peculiar labels on your collection!

    I got the same cart. No I did not write on the cart, I received it that way. I may as well Relabel it soon as when I open the cart to check to see if it was a boot or not, the label did let loose alot of power.
  13. Dark Sakul

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I finally took the plunged, Here is my First NEO GEO MVS Board. It is a MV1t
  14. Dark Sakul

    Looking for Advice/Feed back. SuperGun MVS or Consoleized MVS

    I finally decided to take the plunge and go for a MVS board. I had enough of ports and emulation. What I can't decide is should I go for a supergun set up or go for a Consoleized MVS. For me wring up a jamma harness and wirng up adapters isn't an issue. If I go the Supergun route, I...
  15. Dark Sakul

    Why Shock boxes?

    Okay I can see why someone want to keep there MVS game carts dust free. And if you going to have a nice game library, why not dressed it up abit. I am against people getting mint kits, sealing them in plastic and hoarding them forever in museum display. But I like to see what the community...
  16. Dark Sakul

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Came in last week. The rare Gamecube D-Terminal Composite cables, I got it sent from a Record store from Tokyo. $79 Shipped.
  17. Dark Sakul

    Viability of collecting MVS kits?

    Buying games that you never play, or even open the box?