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  1. Craig

    Firearm enthusiast thread

  2. Craig

    Metal Slug Series MVS

  3. Craig

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    does not look like factory shrink wrap...
  4. Craig

    HBD stupid bitch number 1 aka gutsdozer

    Shares the same birthday as his Lord.... Couldn't let arcademan beat me to this one. HBD stupid bitch...
  5. Craig

    Solar Eclipse US Aug 21 2017

    taken in nola with no filter bullshit...
  6. Craig

    Vape Hipster Faggots

  7. Craig

    HBD Gutzdozer

    HBD homie... Sharing a birthday with your lord, I bet he always steals the show. Have a good one, you fucking meatball.
  8. Craig


    So, I took it over to gutzys to have a go with a friend... And its awful it really is... but I kinda like it, its really growing on me. You can run out of ammo and than you just have to stand there... The aiming is retarded... Some missions are way more fun than others. Thanks for the game...
  9. Craig

    Free Okami HD ps3 code

    Noobs, and stupid bitches need not apply... Not sure if you are a stupid bitch or not? Post here and find out.
  10. Craig

    FT: MOTW US Holo Label

    Ready to go, just send me your address...
  11. Craig beatmania players thread

    Found this while going through my stuff today!! Comes with the original Euromix... Been ages since I played.
  12. Craig

    Spring / Summer Projects Thread (non-game related)

    framing up something to throw a shed on.... Fuck my life it's hot down here in the swamp. Its already level, so its just shimming up the low spots, driving some more anchor steaks, and plywood on top... than I get to build the actual shed.
  13. Craig

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    Hair looking dope as fuck.
  14. Craig

    Free Shantae and the Pirate's Curse 3ds code give away

    No stupid bitches Got an extra one of these codes... Established members only... No leeches. I'm also gonna assume the code will only work on a USA 3ds. Was gonna give it to gutz, but he never answered the phone. Rough living being the Gutzdozer.
  15. Craig

    No video through I/O on Naomi

    Got a naomi set up... Mobo, netdimm, sun psu, sega jamma/jvs I/O... Jamma harness powering the I/O and the sun psu powering the naomi. All voltages are good... Tried to hook it up in the cab with dip 1 up for low res, and got no picture... Hooked the mobo directly to my pc monitor with dip 1...