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  1. ChopstickSamurai

    Tapatalk Part Deux

    Tapatalk is working just fine for me now. Glad to see the forum back!
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    RIP Ricky Powell

    Homeboy throw in the towel, Your girl got dicked by Ricky Powell! RIP
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    PS4 Games

    I have a bunch of PS4 games for sale. All are in like new condition, and a few are still sealed. I've done my best to price these, so let me know if I'm off base. All are US region unless specified. Free shipping for orders over $30, and let's keep it to the US for now with the pandemic...
  4. ChopstickSamurai

    FS: PC Engine SCART RGB cables & RAU-30

    My PC Engine setup has evolved over the years which has left me with a few cables I no longer need. So I figured I’d offer them up here for sale. All prices are shipped within the US. I’d like to avoid international shipping at the moment due to the pandemic. Shipping in the US is slow as...
  5. ChopstickSamurai

    FS: Alien vs. Predator CPS2 Phoenixed A&B Set

    This has been sold. Thanks for the interest! Hi all. I have an Asia region Aliens vs. Predator CPS2 Phoenixed A&B board set for sale. The torn mangy label was replaced with a reproduction one from Jasen’s Customs. The fan was also replaced with a quieter one from Jamma Nation X, and at some...
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    Happy Birthday themisterfalcon, Renmauzo, & that stupid faggit ChopstickSamurai!

    Happy Birthday to two cool lads and one massive faggit! Hope you guys have a good one!
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    SOLD FS: Datapath Vision RGB E1s Video Capture Card

    This has been sold. Thanks! So I picked this up off that seller on eBay awhile back. Fast forward to a week off from work, and it's time to install and play with the card. Unfortunately this is a PCI Express card and my machine only has PCIe. I should've actually checked before pulling the...
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    Harlan Ellison dead at 84 Loved his writing and all his crazy quirks. RIP Harlan.
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    [SOLD] HAS v2 Supergun

    SOLD. Thanks for looking! I recently upgraded to a HAS v3, so I no longer need my old v2. This Supergun is made and sold by RGB on the SHMUPS forum. He sells many accessories for it over on SHMUPS too, including kick harnesses and Saturn controller adapters. This one only includes the...
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    [SOLD] MVS Carts

    All sold. Thanks for looking! SOLD Magical Drop 2 (Japanese) $25 Shipped Spin Master (Japanese "Miracle Adventure" with flyers) $65 Gururin w/ Neo Mini Box $75 League Bowling (Japanese) w/ Neo Mini box $60 Nam 1975 $90 The Super Spy w/ mini marquee $60 shipped Shock Troopers...
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    WTB: Reto Gamer Magazines

    Hey all. I'm looking to fill some holes in my run of Retro Gamer Magazines. If you have any you'd like to part with send me a PM. I'm looking for these issues: 1 (original print), 24, 25, 35, 38 - 40, 52, 53, 55, 56, 60, 62 - 66, 74, 92, 95, 98, 101, 102, 105 - 111, 114 - 116, 137 Thanks in...
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    Record collecting

    Any Catherine Wheel fans here?
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    Found what I was looking for, thanks!
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    Neo Geo Anthology Kickstarter

    Have you guys seen this? Looks to be a pretty cool looking project. I'm a sucker for these kind of books.
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    Feedback for CloudGamerX

    CloudGamerX installed a English ROM and new battery in my copy of Lagrange Point for Famicom. Quick turnaround time and he threw in a second game to boot. He's a great guy to deal with. Thanks again bro!
  16. ChopstickSamurai

    WTB: Reto Gamer Collection Volume 2 "Bookazines"

    I'm looking for the second volume of Retro Gamer Magazines special "Collection" issue. These are the end of the year compilation issues they put together. The Imagine Publishing site refers to them as "bookazines". I've been needing the second volume to complete my run. Please send me a PM if...
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    CRT Fetish Thread

    That sounds pretty sweet. Here's what my setup looks like right now. No wheels tho. I couldn't imagine pushing two of these things around the house. :)
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    Neo Geo X in Suburu commercial

    Saw this on Tiny Cartridge: I understand practically no Japanese, but my take away is that this kid's absent dead beat Dad spent too much on a Suburu and could only afford to buy him a NGX. The least they could've done is not replace the Neo game he was playing. :( Suburu: So Expensive You...
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    ALL GONE Free Turbo Everdrive Labels!

    Got the labels today and they look great. Thanks a lot!