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  1. Xian Xi

    Neo geo Cd Black Screen

    Put a music CD in and see if it plays blind. Also check the voltage on the CXA chip not the inductor.
  2. Xian Xi Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    A little late but I can understand if he somehow had the exact serial on the box but if it makes a non matching kit it’s fucking pointless. Just buy a repro box and print a label.
  3. Xian Xi

    Interesting New AES-Style Consolized MV-1B on Aliexpress

    We tried but not enough interest due to the unexpected high cost. I think everyone was expecting prices from $5-10 each which was probably doable if it was made in China but that would have sacrificed the quality of the product hard.
  4. Xian Xi

    AES 3-4 board repair

    Check the address lines from the WRAM and 68k, all address lines should be shared between both WRAM but data lines are divided by each bank of 8 bits to the 68k meaning lower RAM will be D0-D7 and upper will be D8-D15. Also depending on what size chip was used for the bios (bigger than a 1024)...
  5. Xian Xi

    AES with iffy sound

    Definitely this. Recap and broken traces as not all games use the same traces which is why some have sound and some are silent.
  6. Xian Xi

    Need help with two CMVS MV1C boards

    Was the video working via component to the OSSC prior to the cap removal? I thought no component encoders on Neo's worked on the OSSC inputs.
  7. Xian Xi

    RAD2X - No picture with either AES or NGCD

    Could also be sync voltage, probably out of the 250mv-900mv range. Try using luma as sync on the NGCD. There should be a tutorial floating round.
  8. Xian Xi

    Neo Geo AES video problem

    You're comparing a very high quality power supply with the Chinese built one you have now that doesn't even output close to 1A when tested. You'll be lucky to even get 500mA out of it.
  9. Xian Xi

    Neo Geo AES video problem

    You need a stronger PSU, get something with at least 2A output if 9-13v.
  10. Xian Xi

    Was this solder blob supposed to be on my AES 3-5?

    It kinda looks like your projector thinks it's PAL due to the weird refresh rate.
  11. Xian Xi

    WTB: iPad mini or iPad2 or newer*FOUND*

    Let me know what you have and price. Needs to be in working condition, prefer no screen cracks. Thanks edit: Huge thank you to those that PM'd.
  12. Xian Xi

    IC Card Interface Connector for 1st Gen AES?

    Anyone got the pinout for the memory card connector on a Gen 1 AES JP? I saw the PAL schematics but it’s different. Mostly just looking for all the control signals pinout. CARDOE CARDWE CARDWEN CARDWENB REGEN Pretty much any control signal going to a TTL.
  13. Xian Xi

    Need Someone with Apple to pull Data from iPhone

    My wife's iPhone XR is stuck in DFU mode right now. We just got back from our first family vacation and this phone is only 3 weeks old, all the family pics and vids are on it and Apple says we can only erase everything. We didn't get a chance to setup the iCloud backup when we got it as we were...
  14. Xian Xi

    WTB: JROK 4.1 new or used

    Just looking for a working one. PM me if you have one for sale.
  15. Xian Xi

    WTB: Laptop or Notebook, Windows only

    Looking for a cheap working laptop, the smaller the better. I just need USB ports. Mine was good but it updated to Windows 10 at some point and started to run like crap and super slow, it was fine on Windows 7. If you got one, shoot me a PM.
  16. Xian Xi

    Anyone able to help with a game hack?

    It was started by smkdan but he disappeared. Shoot me a PM or post here if you are able to help. If you need compensation, that can be arranged if need be.
  17. Xian Xi

    What generates the crosshatch?

    I got a 2 slot with a messed up crosshatch. First time seeing this. No text in middle and grid reminds me of a C rom low address glitch.
  18. Xian Xi

    WTB: Minecraft PS4 not Story crap**FOUND**

    My daughter was extremely disappointed in the story version, she just wants survival mode like on PC. PM me if you got one for sale cheaper than ebay. Can also trade straight up for a Switch Story one. Edit: Found, thanks
  19. Xian Xi

    MV4 Crosshatch of Death 2018

    Repairing a 4 slot for someone. Initially it wouldn’t boot. Removed leaking battery, repaired all traces. Tested, got a Video RAM error, bad lower VRAM, replaced it and now I get the crosshatch but no games work. Checked the traces for the F138 on the top board at A2, traces were good to all...