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  1. HDRchampion

    What arcade stick do you own?

    My memory is pretty bad but if i remember correctly, these sticks were a pain in the ass to mod back in the day. You actually had to remove these metal tabs that were blocking the button holes. Also if you plan to replace the art, it left a huge glue residue all over the stick and took forever...
  2. HDRchampion

    What are my arcade cabinets worth? Selling three 25" cabs in Olympia, Washington

    oh its the try hard tattoo wannabe tough guy keyboard warrior. go away troll. your queen sylvie is gone.
  3. HDRchampion

    What are my arcade cabinets worth? Selling three 25" cabs in Olympia, Washington

    I was told you were getting Sf2 hyper fighting to replace the original Sf2. Was going stop by but parking was full
  4. HDRchampion

    What are my arcade cabinets worth? Selling three 25" cabs in Olympia, Washington

    Oh wow I can't believe I missed out on this. I'm local too. Needed a neo geo and big blue. I went to the grand opening on Thursday. Was your big blue control broken on the 1st player when you sold it? It's a nice cab, they have puzzle fighter on it.
  5. HDRchampion

    Things you've never done that most everyone else has

    -I have never done illegal drugs -I never went to prom -I never had no job since i was 16 -no wrestling posters on wall -backstab a friend -Watch classic movies like Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, Godfather series etc...Just recently watch Its a Wonderful Life, was great -Play AAA titles like...
  6. HDRchampion

    rcaido gameroom & garage arcade! part deux

    Put some lights. Upgraded the room a bit. Blacklight carpet and got rid of the 1ups and got rhythm game Nostalgia and put my sf pinball back.
  7. HDRchampion

    Trying to find a HK movie w/Eng subs. The Dragon Family (1988)

    Its available at Avistaz for download. Not sure if you're a member
  8. HDRchampion

    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    @neo_moe Did you pickup any of the Black Friday deals? I ended up ordering Ridge Racer for $299 at Best Buy.
  9. HDRchampion

    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    This is actually a dreamcast, not Naomi setup. I prefer the dreamcast version just because of the training mode and also much easier to switch out characters. You know if i didn't already have the MvC cab, i wouldn't be stressing w/ the online so much. I like that it has all the Vs games &...
  10. HDRchampion

    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    Got the MvC2 built this weekend. Lame that the online is not available yet. Seems a bit buggy too.
  11. HDRchampion

    Happy Birthday, LoneSage

    Happy birthday!
  12. HDRchampion

    Financial Checkup, Let's Discuss Positions, Holdings, and Thoughts for Near Future

    Is there a new announcement of arcade1ups
  13. HDRchampion

    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    Its a multi racer doing teknoparrot. im thinking of upgrading my GT Omega w/ GT Omega Prime and then do a head2head teknoparrot. ill probably have to replace my 49"ultrawide and just just put a 42" monitor instead.
  14. HDRchampion

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    Looks like its already sold out, i was thinking of picking one up to play with and the other keep in the box...Now its going for double the price already.
  15. HDRchampion

    Car Buying

    Bought BMW 10 years ago brand new and its been a money pit. Should have gone w/ a Honda or Lexus.
  16. HDRchampion

    Best prank you ever pulled at school.

    There was a substitute teacher in my advance English class. He assume I was some kind of foreign exchange student. I went along with it and so did the rest of the class. Not much really happen in high school...
  17. HDRchampion

    Christmas haul thread.

    Gaming stuff i got these...Also got one of those Bumpboxx boombox speakers.
  18. HDRchampion

    WTB: MS9 Chassis & Toshiba PD1843 Chassis

    If you have one that's working, let me know how much shipped. MS9 Chassis is for a Toshiba a68kju96 Toshiba PD1843 is for a New Net City Toshiba tri-sync flat monitor. Thanks
  19. HDRchampion

    Favorite childhood action figures

    Bismarck from Saber Riders & the Star Sheriffs. I posted this an action figure thread. Found it couple months ago at my parents house. The ship got lost from the movers & the arm was broken off from an ex-friend.
  20. HDRchampion


    I pity the fool! Got the Chun Li watch a week or so ago. Looks nice and the band is much nicer than the gief one.