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    Collect, sell, regret, start over "the cycle"

    Yep, like I said it was dumb as fuck decision. After the new worn off playing the PC Engine I realized real quick how way overrated system is.
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    Collect, sell, regret, start over "the cycle"

    Just thinking last night how many damn times I have done this over the years and I'm still fucking doing it. I have owned so many systems, games and every time I have almost everything I want I get so burnt out of all of it and decide to sell it to either fund something else or just "think" I...
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    Weekly Roundup

    Xenephobe Lynx amazing game.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Few new scores for the Lynx Zarlor Mercenary, Pit Fighter & 7 nice custom Nintendo DS cases redesigned to hold game boy & Lynx cards. Got them from Custom Game Cases they make amazing quality cases. Having a good friend print me Lynx inserts formatted for the DS style cases.
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    Cyborg Force, new 2023 project

    Definitely keeping an eye on this project, nice work for everyone involved.
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    Atari Lynx ballers post here!

    Ok thanks for that info I'll give it a shot this weekend to see if I can get it to work for me. I would really like to show you guys the build and how great everything turned out.
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    Atari Lynx ballers post here!

    I took plenty of pics of the build process just not sure how to upload them here anymore. Hell it's been years since I have posted any pics I think it was photobucket I last used. I'm sure they are way easier ways to upload now just haven't looked into it.
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    Atari Lynx ballers post here!

    Finally got my Lynx 2 fully operational done some major mods to it. The usual Mcwill screen, caps, voltage regulator, etc. Went further and had added another DB-15 3 row besides the VGA out to have an external controller mod. Used a Jaguar controller (best use of this shit controller) removed...
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    WTB: AES empty soft cases or loose trays.

    Hey guys, I need x3 soft case trays if they are cracked that is fine as long as there are no big pieces missing it's all good. Or if you have 3 empty soft cases that will work aswell. I know they make repros of these but I had rather keep everything all original if at all possible. Thanks
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Nice haul man, especially the AES games. That KOTM looks to be in amazing shape those boxed games hard to find that nice looking.
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    Corrosive foam on the 4 slots...

    Damn what a disaster waiting to happen with those caps that's crazy.
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    The Game Room arcade in Republic, WA...

    Love this thread!
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    Restoration thread (tips, techniques, tools)

    Been restoring lots of stuff last few years. Ive been a modeler for many years also use to restore & build hot rods, dirt track race car aluminum bodies hell everything lots of metal fabrication. Thought be a cool thread to list what you have restored lately and the methods and tools, chemicals...
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    Yagamikun's Game Room and AES Collection

    I still can't believe when I collected MVS carts how shitty SNK did on some of the carts they swapped over. I remember opening a MVS of Burning Fight with the brown tape covering the work. I guess it didn't matter because it was in an arcade machine but it looked like half ass slapped together work.
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    Yagamikun's Game Room and AES Collection

    Mike I love the "AES" collection.
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    FS/FT: PGM Games - List updated, most remaining prices dropped

    Hell of a collection Mike, I had no idea you had that much PGM stuff. Good luck with sale /trade buddy.
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    What are you drinking at the moment?

    Piton lager on tap at Coconut Bay resort in St. Lucia a really good beer I was suprised. Got piss drunk last few nights but it hasn't gave me a hangover so far.
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    All gone

    Great price on that Pulstar bud, should go fast. Hate to see you sell it.
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    Weekly Roundup

    Finished up Gears of War 1 & 2 on hardcore last week. Started part 3 last night. After I'm done going to go through them all on insane again. I'm so fucking rusty. I dread part 3 final boss. Only way I was able to finish off queen/ beetle on insane last playthrough before it destroyed the tower...
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    old thread not active anymore

    Dammit killing me with that Viewpoint, I wish I had the extra frog skins to buy it. GLWS man very nice stuff.