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  1. son_of_bael

    WTB: Green Halo Xbox & GC games

    Looking for the green Halo Xbox, must be boxed in good condition. Also after Mario Kart, Billy Hatcher and Monkey Ball 1 for the GC (must be complete in good condition, not GH). Thanks.
  2. son_of_bael

    Post here is you have dealt with NeoGeo2k2 since August

    I bought a modded Xbox from NeoGeo2k2 back in August, 2 months later I haven't received it yet. It was sent USPS Economy (I asked for a tracking number and offered to pay more for shipping if need be) and delivery time was quoted as 6-8 weeks (from California to Vancouver no less. I could walk...
  3. son_of_bael

    Anyone seen Kusanagi-sama'? *sorted*

    Anyone seen Kusanagi-sama'?? Kusanagi-sama' was supposed to send me a PS2 on 7th August. I haven't received it, and I haven't heard from him since 4th August. He hasn't been online since 23rd August. I have dealt with him several times before, so I'm sure there is an explanation for it. Has...
  4. son_of_bael

    WTB: Modded Xbox

    As title, modded Xbox wanted, games or HD size not important. Preferably boxed. PM with prices shipped to Vancouver, BC. Thanks.
  5. son_of_bael

    Jap Saturn & DC games on eBay UK (shipping worldwide), ending today!

    DC: Puyo Pop Fever Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2 Saturn: Sengoku Blaede Wolf Fang SS Soukyugurentai
  6. son_of_bael

    All gone.

    KOF 98 - **SOLD (games_sk)** The Last Blade - **SOLD (games_sk)** SSVS - **SOLD (games_sk)** The Last Blade 2 - **SOLD (adiy009)** Metal Slug 3 - **SOLD (Rick Weis)** Samurai Shodown 3 - **SOLD (idiustidius)** Karnov's Revenge **SOLD (moonwhistle)** Thanks.
  7. son_of_bael

    WTB: Euro B&W Sam Sho 1 for NGP

    Looking for a complete Samurai Shodown 1 for the NGP (B&W Euro version). PM with a price if you have one for sale. Thanks, Will
  8. son_of_bael

    Saturn, PC, DC, GC, Soundtracks.. more added

    Well, I'm going to be moving/emigrating to Canada in the spring, meaning a proportion of my games collection is going to have to go over the next few months, and this is the start, more will be added over time. Postage will be low, about 50p per game (or £1.15 for recorded delivery). Large...
  9. son_of_bael

    US home carts for sale in the UK.. Slugs, RBFF, LB2, prices reduced, more added

    A few US home carts for sale in the UK, updated 22/01 I'm going to be emigrating to Canada at the end of the summer, so I'm selling off 90% of my games. I can provide pictures and detailed descriptions on request. Postage will be at cost. Payment by Paypal only (bank transfer or cheque ok if...
  10. son_of_bael

    AES and Pocket games for sale in UK

    US Sengoku 2 £45, AES + Euro NGPC games US AES Sengoku 2 (top of insert worn, otherwise NM) £45 Alpha Mission 2 (NM) £22 Blues Journey (NOS) £16 *HOLD* Magician Lord (NOS) £16 *HOLD* JAP AES Art of Fighting £13 Neo geo Pocket Color games: All are UK versions with clamshell case, snap lock...
  11. son_of_bael

    WTB: PSone RPG's

    Looking for the following US titles, must be original (not Greatest Hits), and complete in excellent condition.. Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VII Legend of Mana Legend of Dragoon Warhammer : Dark Omen Warcraft II Diablo Chrono Cross Please me PM with offers shipped to the UK, I can pay by...
  12. son_of_bael

    WTB: Rare JAP Sega Games

    Looking for complete NM JAP copies of these games.. Saturn: Arcade Gears: Wonder 3 Battle Garegga Bug! Elevator Action Returns Nekketsu Oyako Princess Crown Silhouette mirage (1st run) Megadrive: Alien Soldier Gunstar Heroes Panorama Cotton Please PM with any offers.. Thanks, Will
  13. son_of_bael

    US PSP launch: Date, March 24th, Price $249.99 $249.99 Value Pack. Higher than expected?
  14. son_of_bael

    EMS tracking from the UK to the US?

    ok, I sent a parcel to a member here on Jan 21st via EMS, and it left the UK on the 22nd, but hasn't arrived yet. Does anyone know which websites you can use to track packages sent to the US from the UK (EMS shipping)? Both the parcelforce and royal mail sites can only track parcels in the UK...
  15. son_of_bael

    "Robot soldiers" to be deployed in Iraq... Its quite disturbing, especially the part about the plans to have a "Gameboy-style" controller...
  16. son_of_bael

    WTB: HALO (JAP Xbox)

    Looking to buy Halo for Jap Xbox (1st print run, not greatest hits). Must be new and sealed. Please PM me with offers. Thanks, Will
  17. son_of_bael

    yet another "EA is planning world domination" thread my favourite quote, "People will want to play video games if their heroes like Robbie Williams or Christina Aguilera are in them." Jan Bolz, EA. :oh_no: :oh_no: :oh_no:
  18. son_of_bael

    Pro Evolution Soccer 4

    I've just signed up for a xbox live trial, mostly just to play Pro Evo 4, so post here if you are playing this on live at the moment.
  19. son_of_bael

    Cheap AES carts for sale in UK

    NGH (buy 6 carts all for £120 shipped in the UK) Art of Fighting (JAP, EX/NM) £18 Alpha Mission II (US, DT, NM) £28 Magician Lord (US, NOS) £20 Blues Journey (US, NOS) £20 Sengoku (US, NOS) £18 Neo Geo Pocket accessories: NGPC-DC link cable £18 Official UK power adapter £6 Official link cable...
  20. son_of_bael

    PAL Boxed Purple N64+games, PAL Saturn: Panzer Dragoon Saga, Riven+others

    SS (All PAL and EX/NM unless noted) Panzer Dragoon Saga (complete with card outer case, outer case slightly worn, but cases and discs NM) £75 Riven (complete with card outer case in NM condition) £30 Rockman8 (JAP, Saturn Collection, complete w/spine) £14 Galaxy Fight (JAP, complete w/spine...