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  1. Shin9999

    MVS extras

    Hey all, I just moved but I have a few MVS items I will be adding to the list as I do not have a single slot machine anymore. Take board and game in one package for $125.00shipped. Thanks! 1. 138 in 1 Multi Cart no mod. I never modded this so it still connects to a Jamma connection first and...
  2. Shin9999

    WTB Shin Megami Tensi Digital Devil Saga PS2

    Like the title says. I'd like to buy both games if you have them. Thanks!
  3. Shin9999

    Spring Cleaning (Saturn, Bluray, Mac, Jamma,etc)

    Yo, hope everyone has been having great days lately. I think it is time I started cleaning some of this stuff out. I take offers on some things and will tag the ones that are a firm price. However, feel free to hit me up for more pictures outside of the links I will add. The games I do not mind...
  4. Shin9999

    StarBlood Arena(PSVR)

    Anyone else getting this game? I really want to be extremely hype for this game but damn if it just doesn't sound too good to be true with how some games have been these days. 9 different characters with a mini campaign that will take a "total of 50 hours" to collect all of the skins and...
  5. Shin9999

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Picked these up on the cheap from Ebay. :keke:
  6. Shin9999

    Worst arcade console ports

    You take that back sir! My Vote for Worst port though is this Sound was horrible and having to press start (Pre 6 button Genny pads) for kick controls was also bad. But hey I guess they tried to do the best they could!
  7. Shin9999

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Damn... I want one of those Astro City cabinets.. Some day!!! Anyway, I have been in a JRPG mood as well as trying to grab a couple PS1 games that I use to enjoy. I already started a play through on Breath Of Fire 3 and I hope to do pretty much everything in the game this time around.
  8. Shin9999

    WTB/WTT for Final Fight CPS1 PCB

    No Sega CD here and I want to own at least one Capcom PCB since my Jamma cabinet is only 4 buttons. I haven't even heard of the X68000 until now. I found this picture on google for reference to anyone else reading this thread. Private Monkey sent.
  9. Shin9999

    WTB/WTT for Final Fight CPS1 PCB

    Hell yea!
  10. Shin9999

    WTB/WTT for Final Fight CPS1 PCB

    As the title says, I am interested in owning this PCB for maximum Pile driving fun time. I have some MVS, Sega Saturn and misc stuff I am willing to throw at you for trade purposes. Thanks!
  11. Shin9999

    WTB PSX Games

    I will try to just refer back to this thread when I am looking for a new game unless this gets deleted. The disk and manual must be in great condition but if your case is mangled I am cool with it as long as you have the inserts. But for now I am looking for: Bloody Roar NTSC Bloody Roar 2...
  12. Shin9999

    FS: Epiphone Viola Electric Bass Vintage-Sunburst

    I figured I would try this here as well since most of you seem to be into allot of different hobbies. If this is out of place for the forums please delete. I had this guitar restrung with La Bella 760FHB2 Beatle Bass Flatwound Bass Strings. The Guitar has been dusted regularly and isn't played...
  13. Shin9999

    WTB CPS2 Games

    Hello, I am looking for a few slightly common( I think they are:drool:) CPS2 SFAZero SFZero2 Vampire savior jpn or english Anything else that might be cool and not break me in half. :mr_t: Thanks!
  14. Shin9999

    FS Capcom Fighters Sega Saturn Dc Mini collection

    Hello, I am selling a few of the Capcom fighting games for import Sega Saturn and Sega Dream Cast. All games prices include shipping. 1. X-men children of the atom 20$ SOLD 2. Capcom Vs SNK with spine and cards 10.00$SOLD 3. Marvel Super Heroes 15.00$ 4. Power Stone with spine and cards 20.00$...
  15. Shin9999

    WTB Mini Marquees ENG

    Yo, I am looking for a few mini Marquees and will update the list as I come across others I need in the future. What I need now: Fatal Fury Fatal Fury 3 Shock Troopers Last Blade Fighters History Dynamite( Karnov's revenge) Metal Slug Real Bout Fatal fury 2 Aero Fighters 2 Magical Drop 3
  16. Shin9999

    How often do you change games (MVS, Super Gun owners)

    Sup Neo Fam, I am curious at how often you guys switch carts or how you make the decision about what game(s) you are going to swap in and out of your boards. I am kind of new to the MVS so I am hesitant (until I get extra boards) on swapping games as often as I get them. However, with only...
  17. Shin9999

    Old anime 80s-90s

    I see some people with City Hunter Icons and Lupin the 3rd icons here and there on the forums and was quite curious what some of you alls favorite old anime movies, OVAs or TV shows are? I have come to discover that I miss the 80s anime movies like Midnight Eye Goku and MD Geist because they...
  18. Shin9999

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Crossed Swords is the shit. New Shock Boxes for Blazing Star and Real Bout Special.
  19. Shin9999

    WTB REAL Bout Fatal Fury 2 (MVS)

    Been looking for this cart for a bit. Hit me up in PMs if you are selling!
  20. Shin9999

    Unibios, cleaning and battery mod services

    Yo sup friends, I have an mv2f board that is in need of a unibios, cleaning and battery mod. Please pm me your prices and let me know when you are available. Thanks!!