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    So, FRANCE.

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    Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (Discussion about MG Rising, Too)

    Not much to go off of right now, other than it appears it will be open world and will be running on KP's 'Fox Engine'. Here's hoping we'll get a good amount of detail at TGS for this.
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    FS: Snatcher (Sega CD), Burning Rangers (Sega Saturn) BOTH SOLD

    Both of these are up for sale. I'd love to hang on to them, but they don't get played and I could use the dough. Both are in pretty darn good shape, with the cases having some minor scuffs and scratches. The Snatcher case has nothing noticeably wrong with it, but the Burning Rangers case has...
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    Abobo's Big Adventure

    It begins. mTBXvP89Now
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    FS: Pier Solar - First run copy (sold)

    Have had it packed away a while, putting off playing it or even opening it. I need dough, so I'm seeing if anyone in these parts would like to take it off my hands. There's a minor scuff in the very top-left corner, near the bubble clasp, and a bit of adhesive residue on the front part of the...
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    (Possibly) Dumb question about Hyper SF2

    I asked some folks I know on Facebook some time back, but never got an answer and recently got reminded of this. I first present the picture, with what I want to ask about in the red box: Now, I know selecting a specific groove in this game will change the super gauge to that character...
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    Goodbye, Mr. Cunningham

    Tom Bosley, dead at 83.
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    Can I get a name change here?

    Yugoslavia is old hat. Civil war is in, man, and I need to get with the times. Becoming The Amazing Screw-On Head would fucking sweet.
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    MGS: Peace Walker demo up on IGN

    Motherfucking download! Here's a link from NeoGAF for those who have CFW and want to play it (like me). It fired up okay for me, so now I just need to figure out the menus and go through the first part of the demo. Woo! Edit: Just got done with the opening mission. So far, so good. This...
  10. Ancient Flounder Champions Online Thread

    Head Start begins today for those that pre-ordered through GameStop and Best Buy. Anyone else starting with it today or picking it up when it launches next week?
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    Mitsuharu Misawa, dead at 46

    ;_; He was one of my favorites during my wrestling fanatic days in high school. It's shocking to see him die in the ring, since I can't remember the last time that occurred to any other competitor.
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    For all the wrestling fans here: Botchamania

    Just one of many. Check out the rest of the guy's page. I don't watch wrestling much anymore, since it's honestly gotten kind of boring and the only folks that actually have any wrestlers that make me go 'Wow' are the folks at TNA. But, I was a huge fan at one time and a lot of what comprises...
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    Devil Summoner 2, complete with Raihou plush

    Extremely limited! The first one, Kuzunoha Raidou vs. The Soulless Army was a fun diversion and appealed to my sensibilities, so this will be picked up. Plus, that Raihou plush is awesome.
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    Howard the Duck finally gets a R1 DVD release

    March 10th. Most likely the same release the PAL region has had for a while, but still, I'm pretty stoked.
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    Final Fight: Seven Sons; What Might've Been

    Unseen64 posted this up a couple weeks ago. Was in development for a bit, before it was scrapped and Streetwise rose out of its ashes to lay a giant dump on the PS2. Looks interesting, if a bit generic. It probably would've been more fun than what we got.
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    AT&T downgrading 2G/EDGE service; are assfaces.

    Here is a link about it, even though the original Gizmodo story is down for whatever reason. I wasn't planning upgrading from my first gen iPhone for a while, but looks like I might have to or just upgrade to a different phone completely. Still, this honestly a load of crap, since I know I...
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    Alright, TX Members: I need your help.

    So, here's the score: probably within the next 2 years or so, I have the option available to me to move to the Austin area. I've lived my entire life here on the West Coast. Most of my family lives in California and it's really all I know. But, I have become more and more aware of how bad...
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    Coordinated Attacks In Mumbai, India; 101 Dead