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  1. Tsubaki

    free shit-SSII shockbox, WH2 kit art

    As above free but you have to pay for shipping.
  2. Tsubaki

    Sam Sho III Mook

    Sold and shipped.
  3. Tsubaki

    MVS Carts For Sale- SamSho, SS3, Ninja Masters, RBFF2, Puzzle Bobble, AOF2, Art, Boxes

    Puzzle Bobble Sold AOF2 SOLD Samurai Shodown, Shockbox, and Insert-$20 Shipped [/URL][/IMG] Samurai Shodown III-sold
  4. Tsubaki

    161 in 1 MVS Cartridge $100 Shipped New

  5. Tsubaki

    Original Style Neo Geo Stick Nice Shape

    Original Style Neo Geo Stick Nice Shape The neo geo gold is still radiantly virgin. $65 Shipped
  6. Tsubaki

    For Sale:Quasi-Working 6 Slot (5 Slot ) and Last Blade 2 MVS JPN w; SHockbox

    For Sale: SOLD SHIPPED Quasi-Working 6 Slot (5 Slot ) $70 SHIPPED This was given to me by Dinodoedoe. He had it working in his cab except for slot 5. It wouldn't work in my cab because I don't have a sufficient power supply. It actually is a working 5 slot board I just can't prove it. So it's...
  7. Tsubaki

    HRAP 3, SF4 PS3, Saturn, Genesis, MVS Card Reader, Import Games, etc.

    Hey, buy my stuff:
  8. Tsubaki

    Sega Genesis Saturn Systems, Games $90 Shipped-Sega Genesis III 3 System with 24 games lot Sega Genesis III 3 System with 24 games lot. The system works and is in good condition. It can play PAL and Japanese cartridges, too. The system includes two original Genesis three button...
  9. Tsubaki

    Special Ed question-HRAP 3 & og. XBox

    Hey if I had one of these things http:// Could I hook up my HRAP3 to my original Xbox? Or would it need a driver or something? Thanks.
  10. Tsubaki

    MVS Games on eBay

  11. Tsubaki

    MVS Cart Liquidation!

    PRICE DROP! All are working non boots and include a shockbox and insert unless noted. Shipping will be $7.00 1st Game $4.00 per additional. I cannot ship internationally, it's just too expensive and difficult. Paypal only. No trades. No time wasters. Aero Fighters 2 JPN: $40 Garou Mark of...
  12. Tsubaki

    Obama is yet another slave to the demon nicotine

    Wow, his records came out today, I saw it on the news, it must be true. The report said he is trying to quit using nicorette. So what does he smoke? Cigarettes, cigars, bongs, or crack? You'd think his handlers would've smacked the Kools outta his hands before he even was chosen to run.
  13. Tsubaki

    Candy Cab Speakers- Where to Buy?

    Hey, Where do I get a speaker for my Neo 25 cab? Thanks.
  14. Tsubaki

    Zen V Plus 4gb, XBox, Saturn

    Zen V Plus 4gb Like new. $40 shipped. Robotech DVD Sets ***SOLD*** XBox Panzer Dragoon Orta Used, working $13 Shipped Saturn Console carrier- $15 shipped - will fit Saturn, N64, PS1, and all smaller consoles. It also perfectly holds my consolized MVS system, which I am selling in the...
  15. Tsubaki

    FS: Consolized MV1-C

    Consolized MV1-C This is a great little machine. It uses a Jrok and has a great picture either through Svideo or composite video. It has an attenuation circuit so you won't blow the speakers up on your TV. It uses the standard mono sound on the MV1-C. It comes with a jameco PS200 power supply...
  16. Tsubaki

    Best Freight/Shipping Method

    I'm considering buying a woody cab in MO on eBAY. I live in Las Vegas, NV. Any idea as to the best way to get it delivered from there to here? I want it intact, of course, and don't want the shipping to be a ridiculous amount more than the cost of the thing. Thanks.
  17. Tsubaki

    Prehistoric Isle 2 MVS Cart Shockbox and Mini Marquee

    All on ebay:
  18. Tsubaki

    Ault SC200 vs. SW300 Pinouts

    Do these power supply units have the same pinouts? Thanks all. :D
  19. Tsubaki

    Chinese Knock off XBox Arcade Stick

    Here: So you know what it looks like. Anybody familiar with it? Is it a piece o' crap? Think it would be hard to mod with different buttons and a new stick?
  20. Tsubaki

    What's the difference between scammers and timewasters?

    When the creepo wants to know your information but doesn't want to pay up? Hi, what's your address? What's your account ID? Pogue Mahone...I wish I had some muck of the Irish to Drink...:rolleyes: