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  1. Kiel

    NGPC Backlight Kit in the works!

    Slim kits are in and looking great, little more difficult than the fat ones but still perfect. One thing to note is you MUST wire up the battery lead or you will not get a picture
  2. Kiel

    NGPC Backlight Kit in the works!

    The new larger screen is 11/10. Easy to install too.
  3. Kiel

    FS: cib RGB modded AV Famicom

    Complete in box w/papers, original Japanese bod bones, power supply AV Famicom RGB modded by me...which of you know I’m the guy to do it. CLEAN. will include adapter to play US Nintendo games. Has down firing purple led power light that doesn’t F up the case. Does not include RGB cable but...
  4. Kiel

    FS: Gamecube Component cables that also do RGB/VGA SOLD!

    For sale Gamecube component cables that have been modified to output in component/RGB/31hz VGA. Has a toggle switch to select between modes and break out for connecting the different terminations. $200. SOLD THANKS!
  5. Kiel

    Official A/V Thread

    Picked up some KEF LS50 Wireless speaks. Pretty hot.
  6. Kiel

    Official A/V Thread

    Got a custom made linear PSU and a new weight cause the concept clamp is way too light.
  7. Kiel

    What are you all drinking? Post a photo. Bitch.

    Opened mine up, very mediocre so I'd say if you are on the fence about opening it I wouldn't and just keep it for a cool thing to have. *god fucking dammit what the hell is with my pics uploading sideways??
  8. Kiel

    What are you all drinking? Post a photo. Bitch.

    To celebrate a get from Australia I had a few of these *ps turns out it's made in America wtf is that??
  9. Kiel

    What are you all drinking? Post a photo. Bitch.

    Unfortunately not, there were 5 bottles for the 70-ish people there. Got shut out last night too for these guys as well. Surprisingly I thought the 10 year was the best. *I have no idea why this shit is going sideways
  10. Kiel

    What are you all drinking? Post a photo. Bitch.

    At a whiskey tasting/lottery for some of my favorite stuff
  11. Kiel

    MVS cap lists

    I'm feeling slightly lazy so I was wondering if anyone had a capacitor listing for the different MVS revisions so I can put in a quick order rather than checking all of them first.
  12. Kiel

    What are you all drinking? Post a photo. Bitch.

    I dunno man, these Australians are drinking mad Fosters in every video...
  13. Kiel

    For DashK - fast food thread mk.II

    Just had one and it was fucking delicious
  14. Kiel

    FOUND! WTB (or at least quick borrow) SSV motherboard

    Looking for one on the cheap as it might not be the fix to my problem
  15. Kiel

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    Saw this super sucklord figure when I was in SF and really wanted it but not for how much they wanted
  16. Kiel

    SOTM October 2016 Gunbird 2

    Getting there *went to the DC version cause I think it's better than the PCB
  17. Kiel

    IC: Repro NAC panel pre-order closed 9/13 updated

    I got my control panel today and I have to say it looks AMAZING. It crushes the seimitsu licensed panel that I currently use. My only regret is I didn't have enough money to get more panels during the pre order :(