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  1. Cousin_Itt

    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

    In 9 months, how many Messi babies are there going to be?
  2. Cousin_Itt

    Real ID Delay

    Who honestly doesn't have a Real ID compliant card? I'm not talking about the enhanced ID cards with the RFID chip, but just a normal ID with the Gold Star in the corner. I figured that most states required that you get it when you renewed your drivers license.
  3. Cousin_Itt

    Black Friday 2022

    I bought Wall-e, The Criterion 4k version for $25 (1/2 off). For work I bought a Phillips bone conduction headset (says it was 33% off, but it's been that price for a month). I bought Pentiment for steam, but that wasn't on sale.
  4. Cousin_Itt

    'Metal Slug Awakening' ['Metal Slug Code J'] (2021) (Android and iOS)

    That Intro made me think they were making a metal slug Fornite clone or collab. I'm still waiting on MSTactics news.
  5. Cousin_Itt

    Jason David Frank dead at 49

    90s kid are in for a tough month. First batman, now the green power ranger. edit. days are bluring together. it's been more than a week since Conroy passed.
  6. Cousin_Itt

    Time to Fall Back: Version 2022

    This is probably the first weekend I haven't been scheduled at work where DST has affected me in anyway.
  7. Cousin_Itt

    thread of videos of forum members, turned youtube influencers, that will make everyone happy

    Yodd's back. It looks like the Tandy MMS-10 uses the same molds as the Roland CS-10 and CS-30. But the CS-10 is a basic single input pc speaker. While the CS-30 is the mixer version where one set of the inputs uses RCA jacks and the other set uses 1/4" jacks (so you can take an input...
  8. Cousin_Itt

    My phone just died.

    What’s your budget? LG is out of the mobile business, so it looks like either Samsung galaxy whatever you can afford or a google pixel 4 or 5. Motorola has some ok budget phones. I’m surprised if a phone lasts more than 2-3 years anymore.
  9. Cousin_Itt

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    I guess there’s a $700 self transforming Optimus Prime by Hasbro coming out for anyone to spend half their stipend on. I’m not going to post links because you can use a search engine yourself. And most of the sites I’ve seen are ad pop ups galore.
  10. Cousin_Itt

    Does anyone actually use these new online banking companies?

    They really advertised themselves at having a higher interest rate for savings accounts, but that has went away in the past few years. The two banks I use are navy federal credit union and us bank. The first one, I’m a member by having a parent who is a member. The second, I have a free...
  11. Cousin_Itt

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks for the reminder on the fire emblem game. I’m not a big fire emblem fan, so I didn’t want to pay extra for a download code plus extra crap with the LE. You can get the physical version of Mario 3D all stars cheaper than digital at Walmart.
  12. Cousin_Itt

    PS3/PSP/Vita stores shutting down

    I haven’t even looked at the ps3 psn since they removed standard webstore. Which is a shame because searching via ps3 is excruciatingly slow.
  13. Cousin_Itt

    PS3/PSP/Vita stores shutting down

    There’s a bunch of ps1 and ps2 classics plus psp games that I need purchase since the physical prices are through the roof. I also need to research some ps3 avatars that could be used for current gen. I would rather not deal with piracy, but Sony has already lost that battle for anything pre...
  14. Cousin_Itt

    13 sentinels aegis rim.

    I honestly forgot this game was even coming out. I’m a big vanilla ware fan, but I don’t know what to think about the gameplay. Anyone else picking this up on the 22nd?
  15. Cousin_Itt

    Venture Bros Cancelled......

    Welp there goes the best show on Adult Swim. Go Team Venture!
  16. Cousin_Itt

    Tesla Cybertruck

    So Tesla’s Cybertruck. Wtf.
  17. Cousin_Itt

    Amazon Prime Day July 16 2018. Starts at 3pm ET

    I guess Amazon Prime day starts in 5 minutes as of this posting. I'll probably be on the lookout for some home improvement items. But I'm curious what people are interested in.
  18. Cousin_Itt

    Super Mario super slow motion 38000 fps

    Thought this was interesting.
  19. Cousin_Itt

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got this in the mail finally
  20. Cousin_Itt

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Found this at a pawn shop for $10