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  1. cornerstone

    MS-2930 Setup after repair

    I’ve got a blast city chassis that was sent out for repair, they replaced some caps I believe, not sure if they touched the fly back. I need help with the adjustments. I’ve tuned the SCREEN pot on the flyback to as high as possible without displaying jailbars, and maxed out the Brightness and...
  2. cornerstone

    Super Neo 29 power supply issue

    Some movers fucked up my cab a little while back. The monitor powers on fine and it would play great if I move around some of the cables coming out of the power supply. It stopped doing that and in the process of messing with it I broke the voltage adjust potentiometer. The spinning screw part...
  3. cornerstone

    Neo Candy Club

    This actually looks the one in the manual on hard-candy, although in the materials listing it says HYPER NEOGEO64 as the description of the entire power supply. It also lists the voltage adjust as DC5V, if that helps anyone trying to help me find a replacement part.
  4. cornerstone

    Neo Candy Club

    My Super Neo 29 power supply is slightly different. It’s not black, just the silver metal color, and the board is mounted at the bottom, not the side. I’m unsure of the cap values now. I’m also guessing it’s a newer version since it is completely modular, there are no permanently affixed wires...
  5. cornerstone

    WTB: Sega New Net City Flyback

    Yeah, real long shot here. I need a flyback for the NNC monitor, a Toshiba PF D29C051. They didn’t really make these for long. Any leads are appreciated. Thanks. EDIT: Or chassis
  6. cornerstone

    RAFFLE for a FREE NEOGEO MVS game pick from list

    If one cab is missing the keys or not working, I just use the other. I'm in for either Golf or the fake puzzle bobble.
  7. cornerstone

    July SOTM Voting Thread

    Old school
  8. cornerstone

    Naomi Universal/Net City Club

    Damn. Anyone know where to find a map and listing of the caps on this chassis? Edit: I've found some info... in french. Google Translate...
  9. cornerstone

    CL: Blast City & nonworking New Net City (New Orleans)

    This is my listing. Didn't see much local attention on the zelda doll forum. Still won't be using freight. New Net City monitor is busted. Beyond my scope to fix. Will definitely negotiate the price with members here. Pick-up and cash...
  10. cornerstone

    Alien Syndrome cabinet not getting past title screen

    I've had this cabinet for a few years. It always had minor graphics issues. I've never re-seated the roms because that's a pain in the ass on this board and I always fuck up a leg or two. The other lights on the cabinet work. I've plugged and unplugged the harness. Where should I start? Is...
  11. cornerstone

    FS: Blast City & New Net City (New Orleans)

    Here's some pictures I took about a month ago. They're out of order, but you can tell what's what. Both of the cabs I bought from Windy Gaming and had them shipped down to New Orleans. Both have virtually zero burn-in. If you turn the brightness all the way up on a...
  12. cornerstone

    Is it possible to convert a Data East Fighters History to Street Fighter II?

    To each his own, but I don't like the world map art and bezel. The CE cabs with the cohesive art from marquee to CP are the pinnacle of the dynamos. Everything else was a step down.
  13. cornerstone

    Is it possible to convert a Data East Fighters History to Street Fighter II?

    They made z-back versions of the earlier street fighters back in the day. Did they actually make dedicated Fighter's History cabs? They may have all just been conversion kits. I think most dynamo cabs were street fighter anyway. OP, I would either just keep it a Fighter's History, or run some...
  14. cornerstone

    SOTM December 2015: HELLFIRE (PCB/MD/PCE CD)

    I've never reached the third level, but Hellfire is definitely one of my favorites. I'm in on this month. CORN - 98000 - Stage 2 - MAME (no autofire) Slowly getting better. Got greedy at the boss. Just posting this up in case I don't get time to play more.
  15. cornerstone

    Bug Princess/Mushihimesama free on iOS The touch control makes it fairly easy. Wikipedia says the "Hell" difficultly is equivalent to the arcade release. The sequel is a dollar: The black label version is...
  16. cornerstone

    Volgarr the Viking on Dreamcast

    I wasn't really sure where to put this: So one of the developers behind Volgarr made this version and didn't want to waste it. It's not officially endorsed by the studio, but according to this thread it's fine - This doesn't run at 60fps, unfortunately. But it's fun...
  17. cornerstone

    Naomi Universal/Net City Club

    So I tore the cabinet apart to move it up some small steps and I took pictures to make sure I put it back together correctly. I'll post some of them here in case any needs them for reference. My wiring is weird in that there's a bunch of extra cords I don't need. I didn't want to disrupt how...
  18. cornerstone

    Blast City Club

    So I actually hooked it up to an old 15khz cabinet I have and after adjusting the horizontal hold it works. It's a very precise frequency but it works. This also confirms a solution I read about on the internets somewhere. The monitor doesn't like the color blue unfortunately, but that's a...
  19. cornerstone

    Blast City Club

    A friend gave me a game elf to try on the blast the other day. The image looks something like this: The guy who took that picture adjusted his horizontal freq/hold on whatever monitor he had and it fixed it. I've done this on older american monitors I've had as well. Does the blast have dial...
  20. cornerstone

    I received today...

    Got this guy as part of a small bundle. Replaced the broken mobo with my own working one. I figured I'd arrest the corrosion on the shell with sandpaper and paint. I'm not usually one to go all out on aesthetics when it comes to games, but I think I found a pretty good color. A few coats and...