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  1. Renmauzo

    FS: MVS 4 Slot board *SOLD*

    Thanks everyone! The board is headed out to sr20det510 tomorrow :)
  2. Renmauzo

    FS: MVS 4 Slot board *SOLD*

    Thanks guys :) Nice to see a whole bunch of familiar faces again! Missed you, Cory! Every year, I think about doing the Secret Santa because you always do it up big time :) Going to make an effort despite everything going on on my end to be more present this year ;)
  3. Renmauzo

    FS: MVS 4 Slot board *SOLD*

    Hi everyone! It's been a minute since I've been around and even longer since I've sold something, but circumstances have made me have to make some cuts. I haven't bought or sold anything arcade related in years, so if I'm off on pricing, feel free to hit me up and always willing to update...
  4. Renmauzo

    Startech USB3HDCAP + OSSC 'no video' issue

    Hi everyone, I've been searching and reading all day on the above noted issue, and can't seem to find a solution other than possibly changing my drivers over to the modified Micomsoft drivers. I've tested the capture device with composite and HDMI direct and both worked. I then tried the PS2...
  5. Renmauzo

    WTB: Gaiares CIB (Genesis)*FOUND*

    Hi! I'm trying to get a complete North American copy of Gaiares on the Genesis, and don't want to have to buy one from people trying to jack up the price on ebay or have to deal with people who will only use the Global Shipping Program. If you've got one available, drop me a line and I'm...
  6. Renmauzo

    Component switch recommendations

    I want to try to get everything that can be hooked up via component set up that way, and so I've been thinking about getting a switch and am looking for recommendations. I'm concerned about getting something that will alter the signal in a noticeable way, and most of what I've seen so far are...
  7. Renmauzo

    WTB: MVS 4 slot consolizing service

    As the title says, I'm looking for someone who can consolize my extra 4 slot board. I'm looking for someone with a proven track record with this kind of work, and in the US. I'm trying to get this done for some friends in Florida, so having the work done in the US and directly shipped to my...
  8. Renmauzo

    FS: Cadillacs & Dinosaurs CPS Dash

    I can't believe I'm going to do this, but I think it's time to sell this board. There is a item I have a chance to get that kind of a bucket list item for me, and the wife and I agreed that we can only do buy it by selling something to pay for it. I took several different pics to illustrate...
  9. Renmauzo

    WTB: CIB Sega Nomad *FOUND*

    I've been passively looking out for a CIB Sega Nomad for the last year and a half, and as I was out running tonight, I started thinking about it and remembered seeing a couple of them in a clean-up pic RAZO posted a few months back, so here I am making a thread. I'm kind of hoping I can source...
  10. Renmauzo

    WTB: NGPC pouch and NA link cable (CIB)

    Hi,, I'm looking for one of these: ...and one of these: If anyone's got these for sale, feel free to fire me off a pm and I'm sure we can work something out. Thanks!
  11. Renmauzo

    FS: Samurai Shodown V MVS complete kit w/matching serials (English) SOLD

    Still paring things down little by little, so here's another kit up for sale. Canada and U.S buyers only (unless pm'd for overseas and I agree to it), shipping will be roughly $11 USD within Canada or $14 USD to the U.S. *Any questions, I'm just a pm away. Samurai Shodown V - $200 USD SOLD
  12. Renmauzo

    FS: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Capcom I/O, CPS2 feet & locking clips (4 sets)

    Just clearing out a few other items to finance some projects...wanted to keep TvC, but all good things come to an end. Prices are in USD, PP only (gift or cover fees), Canada & U.S shipping, Europe/Asia on case by case basis if PM'd. $11 USD shipping within Canada, $17 USD shipping to the US...
  13. Renmauzo

    FS: Dolphin Blue (Atomiswave), Metal Slug 6 (Atomiswave)

    Doing a little more trimming around the house, so next up are a few Atomiswave games. All three are originals with very clean labels and each comes with a labeled NeoMini box from Loris Baggi. Prices are in USD, payment is paypal only (gift or cover the fees), Canada & US only unless you pm me...
  14. Renmauzo

    FS: Dimahoo (Blue), Cyberbots (Green), Powered Gear (Green)

    Hi, It's time to let a few games go to homes where they will see more play. Usual rules apply: prices are in USD, PP only, no holds, Canada & U.S shipping. $14 USD shipping within Canada, $20 USD shipping to the US (I'll cover the difference on any overages). Dimahoo (Blue, on battery -...
  15. Renmauzo

    FS: MS1, MS2, MSX, MS3, MS4, MS5 complete MVS kits ALL SOLD

    *1/3* It's time to let go of my Metal Slugs and send them off to good homes where they'll get more play than here. All these kits have matching serials, full artwork sets, are in great condition (I'm a stickler for condition) barring the 'OK' written in pen on the front of the MS1 box, and come...
  16. Renmauzo

    FS: Street Fighter Alpha 2 Sega Saturn US - SOLD

    Hi, I find that, if I play an Alpha title, I'm usually breaking out 3 on the DC, so it's time to let this one go. The usual stuff applies: Canada and the U.S only, established members only, $11 USD shipping within Canada, $14 USD to the U.S.. If the price is off base, let me know; as I've...
  17. Renmauzo

    FS: Last Blade complete US MVS kit

    Hi, last one up on the block from me. As a quick aside, this kit has the common '1' serial number issue between the cart and box (003948 box, 013948 cart). The usual stuff applies: Canada and U.S buyers only, established members only, shipping will be roughly $11 USD within Canada or $14 USD to...
  18. Renmauzo

    FS: Sengoku 3 complete kit MVS - SOLD

    Hi, I haven't sold an MVS game in years, but as I mentioned in another sales thread, I haven't played Sengoku 3 in a while so it's time to let go. Canada and U.S. buyers only, established members only. Shipping will be roughly $11 uSD within Canada, $14 USD to the U.S. Sengoku 3 complete kit...
  19. Renmauzo

    FS: CPS2 Vampire Saviour 2 (Green w/battery), CPS2 motherboard (Green) - ALL SOLD

    Hi, I haven't played this in a while, so it's time to let it go as well as the A board I've had dedicated to it. U.S and Canada only, established members only. Shipping is roughly $12 USD within Canada, $19 USD to the U.S. I don't sell often, so talk to me if the prices aren't reasonable...
  20. Renmauzo

    Posters Again?

    This would be something I'd be down for: