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  1. Gaston

    Happy Birthday LoneSage

    Ultra belated but by no means less sincere; HBD!!
  2. Gaston

    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    Looks great guys, good job!
  3. Gaston

    NeoSD Pro loops back to menu

    Ok, another update. This is the video of issue I'm running into: Setup: My retroelectronic supergun is connected to an arcade powersupply which provides both 12V and +5V (no -5V) to my MVS 1FZ w/ unibios 4which has a battery mod. I tweaked so that it delivers +5.1V to the supergun. I then...
  4. Gaston

    NeoSD Pro loops back to menu

    So, bought an NeoSD MVS Pro and right out of the gate I have an issue with games not loading. Running unibios 4.0 on an mvs1fz (tried multiple to exclude hardware) and an 2F. Downloaded the neo builder to create a set of valid neo files and put them on a class 10 sd card. Pro is running 1.7 R8...
  5. Gaston

    MVS to PAL Scart No video or sound

    I am using a retroelektronik supergun and an MVS 2-slot. I am connecting the jamma connector to the supergun which I power using an old arcade power supply which delivers exactly 5.2v to the board. The mvs is powered on since I see the red led on. The NeoSD cart seems to boot as well (orange led...
  6. Gaston

    RIP Kazuhisa Hashimoto

    :up::up::down::down::back::forw::back::forw:: B+A Thanks for all the memories!
  7. Gaston

    NG DEV announces new shmup between April & June

    Announced on their facebook page in a post regarding Kraut Buster 2nd run delivery update; "New NEOGEO game: The next new vertizontal NEOGEO shmup made by our CGI graphics team (Razion/Fast Striker) will be announced for MVS between April and June." Order now, play in 2034!
  8. Gaston

    Alzheimers finally got the best of him - RIP pops!

    So my dad had been suffering from Alzheimers for a couple of years and he finally passed away 14th November 2019 after a nasty struggle of about a week. He didn't drink or eat anymore and his ability to speak had already been gone for some time. He was also high on morfine most of the time and...
  9. Gaston

    WTT: MVS Magician Lord, Zed Blade, KOF '98

    Hi, Got a couple of doubles I don't use that I want to trade. All original and tested. Magician Lord US, torn label. Zed Blade JAP, markings on label kOF '98 US, ok label Looking for RBFF, WHP, FFSpecial, BaseBall Stars 2. Thanks for looking!
  10. Gaston

    Anybody watch Chernobyl?

    I was amazed by how good, yet bleak it is. Radiation sickness must be one of the most fucked up ways to go out. I get why we need nuclear energy but holy hell - when shit goes awry it's akin to the apocalypse.
  11. Gaston

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

  12. Gaston

    Bitmap Books doing a book on Metal Slug franchise coming September 2019

    More info: Preorders starting in July 2019 Release in September 2019
  13. Gaston

    MiSTer FPGA Neo Geo core

  14. Gaston

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I like a good troll, but this is REALLY a fake box amigo. Hope you didn't overpay just because 'the box is like new'. Anyhoo;
  15. Gaston

    Boxing thread

  16. Gaston

    From hero to zero in the blink of an eye!

    So, one of our sales guys was suspected of leaking info to the competitors while he was on extended sick leave. Great guy, 55 YO, kind to others, always ready to lend a helping hand and in general one of those people that make your place of work a nicer place to go to. The type you'd never...
  17. Gaston

    Luke Perry dies and nobody cares?

    Asking for a friend! RIP mr Perry
  18. Gaston

    Death by pollen!

    It's almost March and as our US brothers are still struggling with snow and ice, Europe's climate is milder than it's ever been. As a result, trees are waking up early and have collectively decided to release every pollen in their fibers all at once. It's fucking killing me. Fuck pollen.
  19. Gaston

    Pretty interesting read on nostalgia and videogames

    TL;DR We are all in pain and yearn for simpler times. Nevertheless a pretty good read
  20. Gaston

    Ace combat 7 is awesome!

    Received a review copy last night. Started playing at 2000, went to bed at 0100. Campaign had me hooked and this game really benefits from the hardware. Dynamic weather effects really add an extra layer to the gameplay. Diving into the clouds to shake off assailants and not seeing shit feels...