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  1. slerch666

    Anywhere I can find scans of Neo Geo ads?

    Hello everyone. Working on a project for school and I need to do an historical advertisement. What I'm looking for are examples of SNK ads that I can work from. I know: has a hand full of ads, but I'm sure there's got to be something else on the 'net somewhere...
  2. slerch666

    Optoma HD-3000 Scaler FS $150 shipped

    Selling an Optoma HD-3000 scaler. You can find more details here: It's in the Top 5 for 480i Note, this will not play 240p signals. At all. 480i signals look amazing scaled through this puppy though. No manual, no box, no remote. In terms of the remote, I...
  3. slerch666

    Selling some Anime and other weird shit Buy my stuff. If there's anything anyone is interested in and wants to buy outside eBay, I might be willing to deal so long as payment is made right away. Send me a PM. I don't hold items for anyone, not even my grandmother...
  4. slerch666

    For Auction: Shit ton of Anime and BlazBlue LE PS3

    Hello all. Haven't been here in... well, looks like I was last here 2-24-2010. Few more days and my ass would have been missing for 12 months. Anyway, I'm selling some Anime to make money for a new surround receiver. Take a look at my auctions and bid away. Yes, I charge $2 handling on every...
  5. slerch666

    Selling some comics on eBay

    Hello everyone. I'm selling some comic books for my brother on eBay. Take a look and bid... please. :D
  6. slerch666

    For Auction: Slingbox Pro HD

    Selling my Slingbox Pro HD on eBay. If anyone here wants it, make a FAIR offer and I'll sell it to you. I have it because I used to travel a little more often than I do now (not at all now). Probably used it about 15 times total.
  7. slerch666

    Free to good home.. play asia coupon

    ED-FXI-GOU Here it is. First served, first come. I won't ever use it, so have fun.
  8. slerch666

    Gamefly's suck may not be all their fault

    According to this article, it seems Gamefly isn't completely responsible for it's crap service. I don't use the service myself but have heard people bitch about it quite a bit. Slow deliver, broken discs, discs never appearing and so on.
  9. slerch666

    Dreamcast, New in box, $99 Find this one via Kotaku. If I didn't already have 5 DCs in the closet I'd think about jumping on this one.
  10. slerch666

    Selling some Anime

    So it's that time again, time to sell some of the stuff I'll probably never watch to make room for other stuff. Yes, I'm stupid for buying them as they were released if all I was doing was reselling them, but I had good intentions upon ordering them. My back log is huge (130+) and I want to...
  11. slerch666

    Ebaying Anime and Games Metal Slug X PS1

    I'm selling some Anime and Games. PLEASE buy my stuff. If you see anything you like and want to deal outside eBay, let me know. Here's the link to my auctions. Selling: Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 Fighting Vipers 2 Power Stone, Crazy Taxi and Resident Evil: Code Veronica DoA 2 Gundam Battle...
  12. slerch666

    eBaying some Hentai, some Anime and GTO Manga

    Buy my stuf. Please. 100% positive feedback.
  13. slerch666

    20 GB PS3 selling on Gaymstop/EB now (sold out, sorry)

    EDIT- THE BUNDLE IS NOW SOLD OUT. SORRY GUYS. Hopefully people who wanted it got it. $1000 for the system, some games and other shit. Not a bad price if you want the games included. Too bad the only thing I'd want is Resistance. Well...
  14. slerch666

    Ebaying a US PS3 20 GB system, brand new w/ Taledega Nights

    Here's the auction. Auction requires you to be pre-approved to bid as I've seen the cluster fuck that has been eBay PS3 sales. I bought a 60 GB system for myself last night that I pre-paid for from Gaymstop and decided to keep it. I went to Best Buy today to purchase Resistance and it just so...
  15. slerch666

    Ebaying some more Anime/Manga

    Please buy my stuff. Most are relistings with lower starting bids. Thanks for looking. They only run 5 days.
  16. slerch666

    eBaying some more Anime DVDs and .hack//LotT Manga

    Here's what I'm currently selling. Please buy my stuff. ;)
  17. slerch666

    eBaying some Anime and Hentai

    Here's the link to my auctions. If you win multiple items I'll ship them together. The Hentai requires adult verification. Here's a list of everything I'm selling off: Aquarian Age Complete (singles w/ box) Gantz Season 1 and 2 (singles w/boxes) Peacemaker Kurogane Complete (singles w/box)...
  18. slerch666

    Super Nova Super Gun has a hum...

    When I plug my Super Nova in I get a feedback hum from my speakers, be it from the TV or the surround system. It does this without the power on. It also does it with the power on, though I try to limit the length of time I leave the system powered on with the 4 slot like this. I decided to take...
  19. slerch666

    Selling some toys and Anime on eBay

    so please check out my auctions. I will not "hold items" for members or anyone else. If there is something that you fancy and you want to deal outside eBay, let me know. We can work a deal.
  20. slerch666

    On eBay: Armored Trooper VOTOMS DVDs

    Please check out my items for sale on eBay. If someone here wants the complete VOTOMS set make an offer.