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  1. uiengineer

    My whole AES collection Prices lowered on every game.

    yes please. that helps a lot
  2. uiengineer

    FS: MVS Kits: Nightmare in the Dark; SVC Chaos; SSV and more along with various MVS Carts and Neo Big Red 6-slot Cab

    how much on the Neo Cab? I'm not in the area, but may be driving through this summer to southern FL
  3. uiengineer

    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    and to add on to this: I only can find one CIB version of FF3 sold on ebay. $2100 was the price. Does the old 1/3 rule hold true here? I.e., the case/insert would be 1/3 of the price of a CIB sale? I've been out of the loop. Thanks.
  4. uiengineer

    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    fuck. i was thinking of posting a bunch of shit on ebay. i didn't realize they changed the 200 transaction/$20k threshold.
  5. uiengineer

    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    Haven't been actively collecting the last few years. I know FF3 is hard to find. Anyone have any ideas on value for these?
  6. uiengineer

    WTB: Fatal fury 3 US Manual

    well damn. i just pulled out my FF3 case artwork. no manual though. good luck.
  7. uiengineer

    Metal Slug 4 (JP) AES

    I know most of you think I'm a faggit, or whatever, but this is still the top place to go for Neo Geo knowledge. With that said, I have an option to buy Metal Slug 4 (JP) on the AES from a guy in Ontario. He told me he bought a collection from a local guy that included this game (and a few...
  8. uiengineer

    MVS Cart Giveaway - Best disturbing Meme wins

    some of these are old, but i don't give a shit
  9. uiengineer

    Disc Jam (Windjammers??) for PS4 free on PS+ for March 2017 Should be fun.
  10. uiengineer

    Make dating great again

  11. uiengineer

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    Robyn: incoming Thank you. maybe