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  1. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Gunvein by NGDEV (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox)

    Picked this up yesterday on steam for around $16 and I’ve been having a blast playing on the expert difficulty. Great shooter with a fantastic soundtrack imho. I normally prefer 1cc clearing over aiming for scores, but aggressive mid to upper-screen play is extremely rewarding in this title...
  2. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Your Three Most-Played NES Games

    These 3 games might as well be permanently installed on my NES:lolz:: Ninja Gaiden II Street Fighter 2010 Shadow of the Ninja
  3. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Happy Birthday LoneSage

    HBD, LS! :buttrock:
  4. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Happy Birthday, famicommander

    Happy birthday fam! :buttrock:
  5. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Which game in the Real Bout series is the best???

    Sup wataru330, Lao would have been hilarious as a playable fighter against Dan in SvC lol He was playable in Fatal Fury First Contact on ngpc so he already had a sprite and moveset to include in SVC: MotM, at least. SNK never forgot him and kept putting him in the Fatal Fury games as they...
  6. BlackaneseNiNjA

    What is your favorite snk saga?

    Hell yeah they would have lol Since the Maximum Impact story takes place in an alternate timeline anyway, Falcoon could have finished the arc with MI3 and not have conflicted with anything established plot-wise in mainline kof at that point. Oh well, at least the KOF:MI anime was dope while it...
  7. BlackaneseNiNjA

    What is your favorite snk saga?

    I believe it lol I want to know what happened to the Meira brothers after the whole Jivatma alien abduction thing. I assume only Falcoon knows how all that was supposed to conclude. Can somebody ask him on twitter? lol
  8. BlackaneseNiNjA

    KOF odd vs even - an odd coincidence?

    Whats up HMG, I dunno if the numbers all fit the narrative. Kof95 isn’t really divisive; especially when compared to 94 (which tends to be regarded as a take it or leave it entry in the series as a whole), as most tend to see kof94 as a prototype to kof95 to begin with. With that said, after...
  9. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Mr. Bojangles collection thread....

    Top marks for having all that Fatal Fury representation AND for having the Bari goodness to go with it! :buttrock:
  10. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Mai_Lover's Collection (✿ ♥‿♥)

    Very nice! Very nice indeed! :buttrock:
  11. BlackaneseNiNjA

    What Neo Geo Game/s are you playing? Weekly/daily check.

    Been in a Gouketsuji series mood lately. Quick and dirty Matrimelee 1cc run:
  12. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Neo Geo games you never bothered playing...

    This. :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock:
  13. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Happy Birthday Spike Spiegel!

    Boom! NOW it’s official:
  14. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Happy Birthday Spike Spiegel!

    Happy Birthday, Spike! I hope it’s a good one! :buttrock:
  15. BlackaneseNiNjA

    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    lol Hell yeah, gotta include The Bash :lolz:
  16. BlackaneseNiNjA

    Happy Birthday LoneSage

    ditto lol happy early bday :buttrock:
  17. BlackaneseNiNjA

    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    Just like Terry, Ryo, Joe, and all the classic/early 90’s characters, I think Rick’s design is just fine the way it is. A lot of the recent new SNK characters look like they should be at a fashion show rather than a tournament and seem a little over-designed imho. At the end of the day all of...
  18. BlackaneseNiNjA

    H Belated BD BlackaneseNinja

    Thank you and same to you, my friend. I am glad to hear that all is well.