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    FREE: PS4 DLC codes for Final Fantasy XV and Life is Strange: Before the Storm

    I noticed I have a couple of extra DLC codes for some PS4 games, so I thought I'd post them here. If you grab any of them, please reply saying you used it. Final Fantasy XV - DLC swords: Gae Bolg (from FFXIV) Bonus Pack cpc8-m4ne-dc7n Mage Mashers (from FFIX) Bonus Pack b7ck-f6nr-b9pj...
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    Sega CD/Saturn replacement case rivalry

    Kotaku posted an interesting article about two rival companies making replacement long Sega CD/Saturn/Playstation jewel cases. One of those companies is Limited Run Games and goes into detail on just how much the molds are costing and such...
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    PC Game Keyboard Remapping Programs?

    I have a couple of old PC rhythm games that don't have ways to reconfigure their keyboard bindings. Example: I need to map the keyboard's up/down/left/right arrow keys to letter keys on the keyboard. Can anyone recommend a good PC remapper program that would do what I'm looking for? Thanks.
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    Nintendo - 5 screw variants

    Nintendo 3-screw vs. 5-screw carts... This reminds me of when MileHighComics decided that Bronze Age newsstand comic books with a bar code are worth more than direct market versions without a bar code. Article...
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    FOUND: Ninja Commando (MVS)

    Looking for a Ninja Commando MVS cart, if anyone happens to have one. Thanks. [Edit: FOUND]
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    Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS)

    Anyone picked up Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS? I like it so far and the story additions, but I don't love it. I've played through to the first Metroid and there is just something about the controls that (and needlessly complicated). That said, I'm eager to keep playing it and...
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    Sega Saturn Bios Chip removal question

    I have a Sega Saturn (USA) model 2 board that I'm planning installing a region free BIOS. How common is it that the oem SMD Bios chip has that glue below it? I've seen videos where the boards either had it or I'm not sure if I need to just cut the pins and pry the chip off or if I can...
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    SNES mini classic
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    Night Trap

    Anyone grab Night Trap from Limited Run Games? I managed to snag a copy of the standard edition right when it went up at 10 AM. Everything but the PC edition had sold out within like 2~3 minutes...because, well, of course it did, it's freaking Limited Run Games. They're selling a second set...
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    FOR SALE: [SOLD] Metal Slug (bootleg) MVS[/b] (Bought from Wyo back in 2014.) $16 shipped [SOLD] [SOLD] 120-in-1 MVS Cart (Includes the Cab sticker.) $50 shipped [SOLD] [SOLD] Super Nintendo Everdrive v2 (Comes in an old Super Famicom cart shell with an Everdrive sticker on it.) $75...
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    NES power supply replacement recommendation

    I hooked up my toaster Nintendo after having it stored away for a few years and noticed that I'm getting a wave-y noise pattern in the video. I read that it's likely the caps in the power supply. Can anyone recommend a quality replacement I can use? Thanks.
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    Playstation TV - any working MC Cthulhu / PS360+ type adapters?

    Picked up a Playstation TV this past week and was wondering if there is a way to get my custom arcade stick to work on it? I tried my MC Cthulhu and PS360+ adapters, but they give no input at all when connected. I read that some PS2 to PS3 usb adapters might work...?
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    RetroPie FBA sound issues with Ketsui and Espgaluda?

    I've been tinkering with a RetroPie project and have been trying use FinalBurn Alpha to work with all the shmups I can. I've noticed that while Ketsui and Espgaluda's gameplay is fine...the sound on them seems to lag/stutter at times or generally just not play correctly compared to playing them...
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    Other import game sites like Play-Asia?

    Been out of the import game buying scene for a while, but all these recent USA digital only releases and limited run stuff has had me nabbing Asia and UK editions of some PS4 and Vita games as of late (stuff like Deemo, DOA Xtreme 3 Fortune, inFamous First Light, PS4 port of Heavy Rain/Beyond...
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    Disc Rot

    Interesting article about Disc Rot from this month... (And Nintendo Life did a follow-up article arguing for emulation.) This is actually one of those topics that I tend to just run and hide from. I don't even want to think about it or just how...
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    The Overstreet Guide To Collecting Video Games

    Saw this mentioned over on Hardcoregaming101, but there is now... The Overstreet Guide To Collecting Video Games Seems to be the latest in Overstreet's "how to" line of books, which, I know, is just what this already out of control retro gaming...
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    Amazon $20 Off Code for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    Got this code from Amazon and am not going to use it. So if anyone happened to want the new COD game, it'd take the price down to $34. [Edit: Meant to post in the "Off-Site Commerce" sub-forum. Sorry about that. Feel free to move.]