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    What price can an STV board and games (including Radiant Silvergun) have?

    Long time no see! I used to be a member of this board many years ago, happy to visit from time to time! :cool: I used to collect arcade boards, I sold some of my stuff, but I still own an STV board with 7 games, and a local arcade collector wants to buy it from me. I've been totally outside of...
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    Graphic problem in 2-slot MVS

    Long time no see! (Amano wonders if somebody remembers him) I built a consolized 2-slot MVS 7 years ago, so far it worked pretty well. Just a month ago I used it and it worked fine. However, todays it shows a graphic glitch with all my MVS carts and both slots, as you can see in the example...
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    Problems with email notification

    Looks like the e-mail notification is not working properly. A friend of mine who has an account has tried to change the e-mail, but the new e-mail address he provided doesn't receive the confirmation. In adition, when I logged in to post this I noticed a PM and I'm sure I didn't get an e-mail...
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    2-slot MVS shows fucked-up symbols

    If I start it with its bios (or another original one I had around), after the green ram test it goes to a screen with a lot of "%" and some random letters. With a unibios, the games starts but all graphics are garbled up. Any idea of what could I do? Thanks. I'll post pics if needed.
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    Phoenix Wright 3 coming to DS in English :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:
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    WANTED: VGA box for DC, PS2 saturn pad, PS2 network adapter, Shining F. EXA

    I just need any generic working one for a reasonable price. If you have one or know any on-line shop that has them also let me know. Just state a price (shipped airmail to Spain), I have paypal. Thanks. Also looking for a PS2 network adaptor, a PS2 saturn pad and Shining Force EXA for PS2, US...
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    n00b question: how to activate 5.1 digital output in a PC?

    Just got a cheap 5.1 speaker set that has a digital decodifier with optic and coaxial inputs. I want to hook my PC to it for movies, that has an optical output. However I'm not sure if I'm activating it right, as in the AC97 program I got, if I select 5.1 output it does it through the 3...
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    WTB: Saturn pad and network adapter for PS2

    Title says it all, I want to buy one or two of these controllers for a reasonable price. if possible brand new, might consider used as long as they have not been beaten a lot. Let me know prices and conditions, shipped to Spain. Thanks. PS: I'm also looking for a PS2 network adapter under the...
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    Where to find SNK related 1680x1050 wallpapers?

    That's the res I'm using now and I'd like a nice wallpaper that fits it. If possble SNK related, but if I can't find it videogame (maybe capcom) or anime related will do. Thanks.
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    New version CPS2 PSP emu, with ad-hoc There's also new versions of the MVS and CPS1 ones, but they don't have adhoc yet. Too bad I had to remake the cache files of both CPS2 and MVS roms, and for some reason only the 1.3 unibios works, if I try the 2.2 one the rom starts sloooooooow and just doesn't...
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    Policenauts english patch to be released Translation is completed and should be released in patch format for the PSX in the second half of 2007. Damn, I've been wanting to play this game for almost 10 years, I ca't wait for this patch :multi_co:
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    KOf Party video, featuring KOF 98 Ultimate Thanks to speksnk for the news.
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    Interested in Zelda TP and MGS TS for Cube

    If somebody has Zelda TP for Cube and/or Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes, for sale at a reasonable price, including airmail shipping to Spain, let me know (PM me), I can pay through Paypal balance. I'm interested on either PAL or US versions. Thanks.
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    SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters DS for Europe "Coming soon", supposedly that means spring. Thanks to for the news.
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    KOF 98 in Super Battle Opera 2007

    Here's the full list of games: Arcana Heart (1v1) Guilty Gear: Accent Core (3v3) King of Fighters '98 (1v1) Street Fighter III: Third Strike (3v3) Soul Calibur 3 (1v1) Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (3v3) Hyper Street Fighter 2 (2v2) Virtua Fighter 5 (3v3) Melty Blood: Act Cadenza ver.B (2v2) A...
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    Did somebody manage to buy the AW offers at excellent?

    Last week I got an e-mail from excellent with some dirt cheap offers for AW games. I tried to order RF2 for 95$ immediately, but they replied that all games but RF1 were gone already. So did somebody have more luck? FOTNS for 230$ was also a steal.
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    Vaio Ware, guess what it is a rip-off of...
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    WANTED: PAL (English or Spanish) Metal Gear TS for GC

    As title says I'm looking for this game, I don't care if it's Player's Choice or not, second hand but complete in good conditon, cheap if possible. Needs to have English language, or Spanish (not German). I guess it shouldn't be that hard to get in the UK. PM me if you can get it for me. Thanks.
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    FS/FT Arcade stuff: Naomi, Capcom I/O, MVS, STV, MAS stick

    I have decided to trim down a bit my arcade collection. I'm listing here all the stuff I don't need/want anymore. I am more interested in trades due to the "rare" nature of some of this stuff, the strong € and high shipping costs of this heavy items. That's why some stuff don't have a price on...
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    Should PS3 sales be allowed in the selling forums?

    I'd just like to know what people think without polluting the other threads. Vote & discuss.