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  1. Mr.Kevums

    SSVS dip settings

    I’ve searched high and low for these, only to find a few settings from SSV that work on Special as well as some of the reg (cheats, cab mode, link, etc.) My question : Do any further dip settings exist/possibly exist, via the hard dip menu or hidden built-in soft menu, for Samurai Shodown V...
  2. Mr.Kevums

    WTB: PSX to Saturn controller converter

    Like the title says, looking for (x2) PSX to Saturn converters. Tototek is out and will probably be that way for a while. Anyone care to assist?
  3. Mr.Kevums

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    The rare beauty and valor of my MAS custom fight sticks. Complete and shipping soon.
  4. Mr.Kevums

    WTB: Consoles, HNG64 goodies, marquee frame, etc.

    With the things i want in mind, i feel like im making a list of demands after robbing a bank (With the cops being proficient in retro gaming) Anyhow, here's my desires: -either an AES 3-6 for parts or a kit of user replaceable parts(caps, resistors, chips, etc) for repair (i just like being...
  5. Mr.Kevums

    WTB: AES game shell

    Like the title says, need an AES shell - game working, non-working, doesn't matter. I only ask that the shell be in decent shape. I have another Phantom-1 coming in naked.
  6. Mr.Kevums

    WTB: Red Shockbox

    In dire emergency of a red shockbox to replace one i just derped up.. Anyone wanna be my knight in shining armor?
  7. Mr.Kevums

    WTB: SMVSII Converter

    Looking for a Super MVS II converter (blue led) PM offers
  8. Mr.Kevums

    WTB: HNG64 - Samurai Shodown 64

    Looking for kit (preferably) but will consider loose cart. Anyone?
  9. Mr.Kevums

    FT: HNG64 - Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage kit

    I ended up with two complete kits for this game after my paranoia got the best of me :tickled: Everything is in great shape. Cart has some slight scratches on it that would bother only the elitist. Mainly looking to trade for Samurai Shodown 64. Will also consider trades for: -HNG64...
  10. Mr.Kevums

    WTB: Hyper Neo Geo 64

    Looking for a Revision 2 board, preferably NIB, but ill consider any offers.
  11. Mr.Kevums

    WTB: Super Dodgeball MVS

    Sell to a real og. Willing to throw dank dough. Holler.
  12. Mr.Kevums

    Samurai Shodown V Special MVS

    100% Authentic, Japanese, PERFECT condition. Comes with red and white shockbox + hq custom insert. $220 + shipping
  13. Mr.Kevums

    FS: Ghostlop
  14. Mr.Kevums

    FS: Super MVS Converter II

    I am selling my SMVSII (blue led). Looking to get $170 shipped as it is barely used. All around perfect condition. I am accept offers. International buyers: contact me for shipping price.
  15. Mr.Kevums

    NG to DC Converter

    Is there such a device for this particular controller conversion? I would really like to be able to play Fast Striker the way it's meant to be played (once released).
  16. Mr.Kevums

    SamSho RPG - CD to MVS/AES?

    Just curious as to if anyone has attempted this conversion before? I, like many others(i assume), would be extremely interested in a fully translated (once translation is complete) copy. :drool:
  17. Mr.Kevums

    ROM CRC Check

    Is the crc check in the unibios a surefire way to spot a boot? The reason i ask is i have recently acquired a cart that the check verifies all rom banks, except for the very first one, as NG. :conf:
  18. Mr.Kevums

    Modded sticks are in!

    I sent off my sticks to Xian Xi to be modded about a month ago. It turns out that USPS has some kind of Nazi/monopoly-like scheme going on where their own priority boxes ship faster for the same cost as shipping in a regular box...anyhow, i got them back today and i couldn't be happier. They...
  19. Mr.Kevums

    S-Video Switch

    I'm looking for a good s-video switch/selector box as i have 4 consoles i would like to output s-vid from but only 1 s-vid connection on my tv. I have bought 2 switches so far, one from HK and one from Radio Shack, with both being pieces of shit as far as s-vid goes. Any suggestions?
  20. Mr.Kevums

    Would you wear it? I don't is cool in a way but mega anti-pussy/nerdasaurus rex in another.