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    Is a silver SNK sticker a good sign?

    As I'm still figuring things out I feel like I should ask. I recently bought a few games online and 1 of the 3 was a boot (Intel chips). Now they're selling another game I really want and noticed there's a silver SNK tamper sticker on the side which is uncut. Is that a good thing or have there...
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    I have a Puzzle Bobble 2 with a cracked board, can it be repaired?

    Onto problem number 2. This one came from Ebay. It had no label and was in a clear shell. From the pics it appeared legit so I bid and won it for a mere $50. I was told it was working... The game loads and plays well enough, the sound/music does not. It can be heard VERY faintly in the...
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    What causes a PCB to bubble?

    I recently bought a game from a member here and the transaction went well. The game works fine so far. As I do with all games purchased online I opened it up to check things out, and was surprised to see the second board. What would cause this? Should I be concerned about the game breaking? Is...