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    CRT Fetish Thread

    I'm using RGB right now. Looks like it takes all the flavors of inputs. It looks like if I want to mirror I'll have to go SVideo for the other one since it looks like that's the only output.
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    CRT Fetish Thread

    Well here's a pic of the first one. Looking pretty damn good if I say so myself. Obviously the camera takes a bit of the color away. I love how the red comes out in particular. Here's the second one hooked to my Neo so I don't lose points. Looks great, but again, my phone camera washes...
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    CRT Fetish Thread

    Just picked up the pair of these for $60 and just had to drive from Madison to Milwaukee, so it was a pretty easy trip. I know they're nothing too spectacular, but it's a start. I should be getting my SCART to BNC cable in the mail later today.
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    Big Brother Google

    Came across this text suggestion last night in Messenger+ on my phone (built into Motorola phones). Now, it could just be that the application just has certain trigger words linked to a list of predefined suggestions and is kept locally. Then again, it could be sending and storing anywhere...
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    KOF 99 freebie

    And the winner is sr20det510. Congrats man, PM me with your info and I'll try to get it the cart out early next week. Results below:
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    KOF 99 freebie

    Update on this, I'll probably take interested people until Friday evening so I can do the drawing over the weekend. Also, I was thinking about it and I figured, fuck it, I'll just take care of the shipping for snail mail. I think this goes without saying, but please only enter if you intend to...
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    KOF 99 freebie

    Hey guys, I got KOF 99 (green case) thrown in when I bought my Omega this weekend. Since I already have one, I figure I may as well let someone get some play out of it instead of keeping a second one around or trying to get lunch money for it. I'll just ask to throw me some money to cover...
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    Midwest Gaming Classic 2017

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    Possible XRGB Mini final run

    Just came across this post on Reddit regarding the Framemeister being discontinued. Just wanted to let you all know in case supply is limited. Granted, I didn't see any other info about the discontinuation, but it might be good to keep an eye on it for anyone who hasn't picked one up and may...
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    Kojima and crew are looking good

    Granted, it's just a trailer, but I have enough faith in Kojima that the actual game will turn out gold.
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    Beer rant

    Alright. So the Mrs. and I were just at our favorite local liquor store after having dinner to pick up a bottle of wine to have while figuring out how we're going to wire up the surround sound in the basement. We plan to do though the walls and everything. (Finished ceiling too, so this may...
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    Probably just junk..

    Hey guys, I'm doing some cleanup/rearrangement of my downstairs and I have an old 9800GTX+ with an aftermarket cooler. I'm not sure if anyone has a use for it at all. A lot of you guys are way way more techy than me, so who knows. I have its sister in my machine just for PhysX. Used to...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    So my buddy knows how I just picked up my Model 1 Genesis and am trying to start getting games for it. I told him if he ever wanted to part with his Contra Hard Corps and Castlevania Bloodlines, I'd gladly buy them from him. We were babysitting his daughter last week and he brought by his box...
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    Tim's day at the arcade

    Shmup room Main room Neos Side room That seemed to work. My picture sizes were massive. Thanks Montatez!
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    Tim's day at the arcade

    So we're spending the extended weekend in the Chicago area and today we're hitting up Galloping Ghost Arcade. It's a $15 daily fee at the door. Everything is on Freeplay from 2pm-2pm. I'm making a list of everything I have to hit today. Wondering if anyone has some, "can't miss,"...
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    Reunited with U.N. Squadron

    I finally picked up U.N. Squadron again. It was one of my childhood favorites that I think ultimately set my interest and enthusiasm for aircraft that I've had all my life, so it's got a really special place in my heart. I've only been able to beat it once when I was younger and I'm positive...
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    Williamsburg, VA trip

    Hey people. I'm going to Williamsburg, VA for work next week and wanted to know if there's any, "must see," stuff while I'm down there from anyone who may live in or be familiar with the area. I'm probably only get a chance to do anything non-work related for maybe an afternoon during the...
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    Quick Genesis controller fix

    Just in case anyone has a worn out Genesis controller, I found a quick and easy fix that I can vouch for that works like a charm. Mine isn't as elegant, but effective and only takes about 5 minutes. My situation was having to smash down on the buttons of this controller to get any input...
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    Genesis headphone jack issues

    So I just picked up a model 1 non-TMSS Genesis. (Don't really care about the TMSS stuff, just the better sound). Like always, I get super jacked for something and it never works right away. Such is life. But here's the story: I hook it up with a garbage SNES/Genesis 1 ac adapter. Horrible...
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    Scotch anyone?

    Any single malt drinkers in here? Been buying a bottle or two a year since about 2009. For my bachelor party, my best bud had everyone invited bring a bottle for me. Below is the result. We had a big tasting after eating ribs we had in the smoker all day while we were at the gun range...