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  1. ThGame

    Finally joined the 1cc club

    Not the hardest game by any means but my first 1cc on neo. Felt happy had to share!
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    New cade!
  3. ThGame

    arcade question

    Hey all are either of these jamma or able to play anything else other than the dedicated games??
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    ******ALL ITEMS IN THIS THREAD HAVE SOLD******** samurai shodown $60usd*sold* samurai shodown 2 (dogtag) $160usd *sold* *SOLD* Hey all, decided to sell my aes stuff since i got a big red a month Or so ago, it just doesn't get much play and could go to a good home. Ive had it listed on ebay...
  6. ThGame

    virtua fighter arcade game swapping?

    Hey i saw an original virtua fighter arcade for sale locally. kind of a n00b but would the board be jamma or cps or whatever? Would i be able to swap different games in the cabinet? If so what would i need
  7. ThGame

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    New hotness! Actually found these locally today, first time ive seen neo for sale here in Saskatchewan. $50 for the pair
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    slight bounce in the monitor on my mvs cab

    Hey, im hoping this is a simple fix and im still new to the tech part of my cab but my monitor over the last week has developed this "jiggle" that happens vertically. Its very subtle like a 1/4 inch but its enough to be annoying to me while im playing. Ive tried adjusting the basic monitor stuff...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    New treats came in today from japan!! Next purchase is the jr full characters spine shock box set from southtown!
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    new arcade pinball resurgence? ??

    I was wondering if its just me or has the past year (possibly longer??) Been a massive growing interest in arcade cabnet and pinball collectors?? I look at local market sites and its full of wanted ads and very few actual products to go around. Feels like the ones that are listed and sold are...
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    On my birthday today i am happy to announce i share this day with chrono triggers birthday (release anniversary) 20 years ago today! One of my favorite games of all time
  12. ThGame

    Pinball info!

    Im looking to get into pinball. I played a decent amount as a kid in the 90's At arcades and such. I have the space and means to own my own now. I've found that im drawn into some of the more modern ones as opposed to thr late 70s early 80s vintage feel. What are some of the best themed pinball...
  13. ThGame

    candy cabs

    Ive been very interested in getting a couple new toys after ive been non stop in love with my big red neo. Mainly because space is a non issue and the huge amount of use my mvs cab has been getting id like to expand my arcade collection and get into pinball as well. I would like to get a...
  14. ThGame

    For those with kids, which games do they like?

    Nephews over playing an arcade for the first time. Big red seems like a good place to start! The two favourites of the night are kof 98 and sengoku 3. I prefer them playing sengoku 3 as they play as a team and arent fighting in real life when someone loses lol. 7 and 4 years old edit: photo is...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    My new addition today! Plans for 2 player tonight with a couple friends
  16. ThGame

    need some suggestions for joystick bumpeds on my mvs

    I have an issue i just noticed for the first time on my player 2 joystick. I just bought the whole cabnet a few weeks ago and noticed that the 1st player joystick unit had been replaced but the second was older. I just realized that when playing fighting games i tested player 2 and fireball...
  17. ThGame

    Ghibli fans??

    Was pretty excited to see while my wife was watching the oscars that Miyazaki was given the honorary academy award. Always like to see respect headed to anime While im on the subject whats your favorite ghibli movies?? Heres my top picks Princess Mononoke lupita castle in the sky spirited...
  18. ThGame

    mvs 2 slot cab upgrading audio??

    First off i took a scan through the threads to see if someone had a similiar thread but i couldnt see one. If there is i apologize. Im not an electronics guru but i like tinkering and i was wondering if anyone has done any audio upgrades to thier mvs cabnets? Can you just rewire with other...
  19. ThGame

    ThGame's video game colection

    they are PAL German big box releases exclusive to Europe. They all come earthbound style with the large official players guides which as you can see I enjoy collecting guides. I enjoy collecting them because I love the big box display style. There are others as well I have yet to get. Lufia 1...
  20. ThGame

    quick newb question on quoting?

    How do you quote multiple people so i dont have to individually respond to each person every reply?