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  1. potetoboy

    Animation Cels

    those Aeon Flux cels are badass West & rly choice selection Day_Man. here's a few cels i've collected over the years.. Shaian from Dragon's Heaven (obscure-ish anime drawn in Moebius style) the cat from Roujin Z and not a cel, but an under drawing of Tetsuo's arm from Akira (i'll take what...
  2. potetoboy

    IC: Repro NAC panel pre-order closed 9/13 updated

    finally got around to installing mine.. gotta say, being centered on the 1p panel is the shit and alberto's panel is pretty much flawless. now just gotta tate for the shmups :p
  3. potetoboy

    VCR's had a good run

    They are finally ceasing production this month..
  4. potetoboy

    WTB: MC Cthulhu Board

    Anyone have one or two of these PCBs laying around they want to get rid of? I tried to buy one off Toodle's site but I guess he stopped production on them for now... lemme kno, thanks!
  5. potetoboy

    Repro New Astro City NAC panels + Move Strips

    Just a heads up guys, alberto1225 (who made those awesome E2 repros) announced he's doing a run of NAC panels + move strips over on shmups. More info here:
  6. potetoboy

    So I finally got around to listening to Aphex Twin....

    +1 always wanted Polygon Window on vinyl but its pricey these days. Selected Ambient Works I & II always a pleasure to listen to
  7. potetoboy

    Help remembering an 80's movie.

    is it Prototype X29A?
  8. potetoboy

    Portable 8-Bit Video Synth

    Looks like it could be pretty cool..
  9. potetoboy

    Record collecting

    hey roker, not sure if you ever went to "The Thing" in greenpoint while you were in NY, but yeah - that place (especially the basement) is basically stacks upon stacks of records to the ceiling between layers of mold and dust. its definitely a lot of random shit to dig through, but i've found...
  10. potetoboy

    Record collecting

    Mother OST is getting pressed up on vinyl. gonna hafto pre-order this one..
  11. potetoboy

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    picked up Batrider the other day, pretty stoked on it :glee:
  12. potetoboy

    Record collecting

    just picked up the GITS soundtrack, first time on vinyl -
  13. potetoboy

    Record collecting

    available again (although now on black vinyl) if anyone missed out the first time..
  14. potetoboy

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    got a big box of anti-static boxes the other day for the pcb's...
  15. potetoboy

    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    have been playing X Multiply (PSX AG port) every night this week. the game is awesome! though I've yet to get passed level 3 (haha)
  16. potetoboy

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    picked this guy up the other day.. not really much of a gundam collector (used to build them as a kid in the 90's tho), but after seeing this on display in the train station i couldnt resist
  17. potetoboy

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    your always killing it with the pick-ups StealthLurker. Ninja Gaiden on LD + VHS FTW! here's a few Doujin games i got in Akihabara on my tokyo vacation..
  18. potetoboy

    What are you playing for Halloween/October?

    I'll be playing many of the ones mentioned (Castlevania Bloodlines, Symphony Of The Night, etc).. and Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti!
  19. potetoboy

    CRT Fetish Thread

    I recently picked up a PVM-2950Q locally for $35 (through ebay buy-it-now of all things). The monitor is in nice condition and looks great - the guy who previously owned it seemed to have taken good care of it and damn near shed a tear when I came to take it away... Anyway, once I got it up...
  20. potetoboy

    Record collecting

    just picked up this 7" for Koji Kondo's original SMB theme... really love the color of the vinyl, plus it comes with a sticker sheet and the cover folds out to a poster. they only made 500 of these apparently..