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    Any Astro City Owners Using MVS?

    If so: Do you have a 6 button panel and how did you wire up your mvs button configuartion and still maintain the ability to switch to CPS 6 button configurations?
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    AES Composite video issue

    Having a problem with composite out. I use a jrok encoderand convert to component using the composite as c sync. Stopped working a while ago and am trying to figure out why. Composite video is very dark almost black. I have done an rgb bypass. I will replace caps but I don't know what the...
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    AES Composite video issue

    Hello, My AES composite video seems to be on the outs. Picture is very dark, almost completely black. I use a jrok and strip c sync from the composite and that will not work at all right now. I will start with caps if someone can tell me the correct values. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Astro City monitor repair

    So this is what I got. Think a cap kit will fix it?
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    Astro City monitor repair

    I think I need a cap kit for my Astro City. Powers on but screen is about 20% collapsed on either side and greenish black with lines running through it. Anyone know of someone who repairs these in the Tampa Bay FL area or where I can get a cap kit these days?
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    Some Old PC Parts F/S

    Everything is still in working order. Part out or buy it all for $50 AMD Athlon 64 3500+ EVGA 6600GT Asus A8v-VMSE Micro ATX Board 2 Gigs RAM(2 sticks) AMD Opteron 185 $20
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    Wtb locking tang astro city

    Seem to have lost one of my control panel locking "tangs" in my Astro City. Anyone have one?
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    Wtb: Cps3 cdrom drive

    Hi, Looking for a tested working Cps3 cdrom. I have got a few Scsi drives from eBay only to find they did not work. If anyone has a spare they know works that would be great. Thanks!
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    WTB Working cps3 cdrom

    So I am still trying to piece my cps3 together. I have all the parts that should be working, but I am getting a cd error in Japanese. Might be my drive or the cable. Does anyone have an extra drive and cable they can verify is working to sell me?
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    Cps3 help!

    Need some cps3 help. Can't get past this screen and don't know what it means. I have a burned copy of 2nd impact. Been trying to piece together a cps3. Hasn't gone so well yet....
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    Fs: Multiple Sticks

    Cleaning out some sticks. Pics available upon request. Have the following for sale: Ps2 Blaze Twin Stick $75 + Shipping. No box light use. Ps3 Real Arcade Pro 3 Sanwa stick and mesh top. Good cosmetic shape. The round screws on top are a little tarnished. $60 plus shipping. Brand new Mad Katz...
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    Wanted: CPS3 Mainboard

    Looking for a working CPS3 board with no ram or cartridge. Just need a working motherboard. Thanks!
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    Arcade monitor repair

    Anyone repair arcade monitors in the Tampa Bay/Sarasota Florida area? I have a Konami Domy Theater that could use some TLC.
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    Brand New Hori Ex-SE

    Hi, I ended up with two of these and only want one. It is brand new in the box, never opened. Purchased from Game express online. They initially shipped me the wrong stick and I picked up another and then they "found" the stick I originally ordered. I paid $99 for this one, but only $80 for...
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    Anyone got a Jrok For Sale?

    Interested in the Component version. My buddy Fenikso moved away and took his with him to Iowa :crying:.
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    WTB Unibios

    Anyone have a Unibios for MVS for sale?
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    AES and Phantom 1 For sale

    I am looking to sell my AES and Phantom 1 together in favor of a Supergun. If you are interested let me know. I can email pics on request. I am looking for 250 for both together. The Phantom 1 is the black revision It is in good shape the previous owner filed out one side of the cart slot...
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    WTB Arcadevga Pcie

    Anyone got a good deal on one before I go to Ultimarc? I need the Arcadevga Pci express version. Thanks!
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    Saturn, DC, Xbox and PS1 items FS

    All offers considered! 95% sure on all spines, will check before deals are final. Selling the following: Saturn: Complete Capcom Generations 1 (1945 collection) and 2 (Ghouls and Ghosts collection) both with spines KOF 97 complete with spine Dracula X complete with spine Dreamcast: Import KOF...
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    Hori EX2 360

    Hi, I have a never used, in box, complete Hori 360 ex2 stick for sale. $80 shipped and it is yours. I can ship today with confirmation. Paypal. Need more refs ebay is jjhall. Thanks!