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    ADOL a French Prick

    Move this to war room if you want, but it belongs here in the Sellers page. Just because the title is a bit rude dont mistake this email for other than it is, a complain of a crummy transaction with a seller who has been a problem for YEARS, ever since our first dealing in 1997. This is a report...
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    Want to buy DUO R or RX or other

    Im looking to get a nice duo, duo r, duo rx, pcengine or other Turbo CD2 player (especially a Pac-n10 for laseractive). Let me know what you have and give pictures if possible.
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    MAGICAL DROP's HIDDEN Characters

    Hey I never hear anyone talk about MD, is that just because no one has it? I came across a cool hidden girl in MD3 the other day and have gotten her at least a dozen times since. She is a skinny flat chested girl with purple gown on in a moon temple. You get her by beating the first 7 people...
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    Wanted MVS Games

    Must Have AeroFighters 2 Blazing Star Fatal Fury 3 King of Fighters 2000 King of Fighters 98 King of Fighters 99 Last Blade Last Blade 2 Money Puzzle Exchanger Real Bout Fatal Fury Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Sonic Wings 3 Twinkle Star Sprites Want Bust-a-Move Bust-a-Move Again EX Captain...
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    Sell me your MVS carts!

    Okay, I prefer real SNK carts but wount pass on a good deal. I prefer real with as much extra stuff possible. Here is my own list, to give you an idea of what Im interested in and what not to offer me :) Must Have AeroFighters 2 Blazing Star Fatal Fury 3 King of Fighters 2000 King of Fighters...
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    KOF 99 Instructions & Phone Card

    Will pay $12
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    Who is simon_belmont member #509

    This nut says I ripped him off. Id like an apology. I have no clue who he is, and Iv never stolen games from anyone. Simon Belmont or who ever you are, you Castlevania playin Netherland person you... (lol) if you got something to say, say it, or please bite your tongue. I think you got the...
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    Sticky Situation with PICHAI

    Please cast your vote on this situation: Pichai auctions "english" Samurai Showdown 4 in June 2001 the reserve is not met and Dreamh2o agreed to pay $230 in installments starting with $70 on June 5th then the rest later. The game did not arrive for 12 weeks from the date on the post mark, and...
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    Metal Slug 1 $249 Free Shipping

    Complete Jeff Kurtz edition, with manual, and snap lock box! First person to paypal $249, gets it, free shipping to anywhere!
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    MAH JONG CONTROL $199 Free Shipping

    Just the control, first person to paypal $199, gets it, free shipping to anywhere!
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    METAL SLUG 1 AES Complete with Manual $300.

    Okay Okay, don't panic, its a Kurtz Conversion but still very very nice. You get the manual, snaplock case, insert, and cart with label, in great shape (almost as good as the real thing). I can take paypal, or credit card direct (I own videogameland). Email me at Thanks
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    Are All NEO BOMBERMAN in Italian?

    Are All NEO BOMBERMAN in Italian? I just got my home cart made by Jeff Kurtz, and its got some issues, that are most certainly because of the rom's inside themselves (not Jeffs Fault). The text displays in italian, and "level 4" appears on every screen. the MVS that was converted was a bootleg...
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    Neo Geo Home Cartridge System for $149.99!

    Please read this entire posting before you decide if you would like the purchase this item. The system works great. That is the first and foremost point I wish to state. It does however have cosmetic defects. The back of the system has a crack and is missing some plastic about the side of a dime...
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    Hot Air

    Some people really have brass. I have a feeling someone may mention a MS3 deal I had going on where I was the buyer, that went bad. (check lost, but then cashed by 'someone', I backed out, especially in light of the MS3 re-release also) I just felt I should jump the gun and state, that I wont...
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    AUCTIONS for AES Home Carts, and SNK Crystalis (COMPLETE for NES)

    Crystalis $19.99 (BUY IT NOW) Samurai Showdown 2 $49.99 (BUY IT NOW) Super Sidekicks 2 $49.99 (BUY IT NOW)...
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    HYPER Neo Geo 64 PCB with Game

    HYPER Neo Geo 64 PCB with Game BURKI ONE. Its in good shape, good working order. Will take offers for cash by paypal, or will trade for any of these games (HOME CART NOT MVS): Breakers Kizuna Encounter Magical Drop 2 Metal Slug 2 Neo Turfmasters Ninja Master's Over Top Quiz Chibi Deluxe Quiz...
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    Both for sale, both complete, $54.95 each, Samurai2 is Jap, Sidekicks2 is Jap. FREE shipping to anyone in the USA (insurance extra). Condition on both are very good, originally purchased through ebay from 16-bit (Carlson). The Samurai would be an overall 8/9 and the Sidekicks a 9/10 PAYPAL...
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    LAST 18 Neo Geo Home Carts Needed

    Make Me some offers people: Breakers Kizuna Encounter Legend of Success Joe Magical Drop 2 Metal Slug 2 Neo Turfmasters Ninja Master's Over Top Pulstar Quiz Chibi Deluxe Quiz Detective 2 Ragnagard (Shin-oh-Ken) Shock Troopers 2nd Squad Sonic Wings 3 Stakes Winner 2 Super Sidekicks 4 (Ult.11)...
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    Iv been collecting Neo Geo carts now Since August 2000, yep 11 months, and these are the last 23 I need. Email me offers, The prices are what I am looking to pay, but if you have them, make me an offer anyways. Art of Fighting 3 $225 Blazing Star $??? Breakers $300...
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    Chris Ray & NEOGEOFREAK Cease And Desist

    In Febuary I won and paid for an auction for a neo geo aes game, from Neo Geo Freak (Chris Ray). Chris made a mistake (he claims) and sent the package to "Bobak!" (forum member). Then reportedly sent the package on to me, by UPS. The package never got to me. UPS was informed, and Neo Geo Freak...