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  1. PCE_Fanboy

    Region Modded DUO-RX w/ New Hop-3 Laser

    So I have a DUO-RX that has the region mod preformed. I am only looking to get rid of this as I found a semi-cheap Supergrafx. Comes with one 6 button arcade pad, all factory hookups. I also have a few HU cards I can toss in, US and Japan so that you can test the mod. I have the switch installed...
  2. PCE_Fanboy

    WTB:Genesis games & MVC2 for Dreamcast

    Genesis games they must be complete. I am looking for Golden Axe 1-3, Altered Beast, Thunder Force I-IV. Don't care the region of these games, it can be Megadrive Genesis I don't care really. I am also open to any shooters for the Genesis other than Dynamite Heady and Truxton. Shoot me a PM and...
  3. PCE_Fanboy

    Neo Pocket and DC cable

    So I have a NGPC and just found one of the cables to go from the Dreamcast to the NGPC. Now what exactly can be done with this and any general knowledge would be great. Seems not to much can be done with it or is known about it??
  4. PCE_Fanboy

    WTB: FM Towns Marty

    Yea anyone got one they are willing to part with?? I ask as my CD drive failed and there is no way to replace it as there are no part #'s what so ever on this beast :(
  5. PCE_Fanboy

    (SOLD)FS:Pioneer 112D Great for 360 ISO's

    SOLD Has the latest Buffalo FW installed.Here are the speeds after the hack. And here is the beast in a nice USB enclosure... It is a really nice burner, I have used it a few times. Maybe 20 or so as my 111D died on me finally. Well I got this burner for burning 360 games as this is the...
  6. PCE_Fanboy

    FS: Megakey [Genesis IMORT Adapter]

    So I have a Megakey I no longer need as I did the region mod to my JVC X'Eye and I looking to part with this neat little adapter. It will allow US/JPN/Brazil games to be played on any form of Genesis, even the X'Eye and Nomad. Will post pic if needed I paid around $50 bucks for this a while back...
  7. PCE_Fanboy

    360 Mod Kit ALL in One!!

    So I have a brand new SATA card that is good for all models. The 6421 model that will do Samsungs as well as all others, even the 79k if the proper things are done to the drive. Even change it to a 78. I am also throwing int he Xbox 360 connectivity kit. It allows you to plug your DVD drive into...
  8. PCE_Fanboy

    PS2 Modded 200gb HDD and NEW Laser

    So I got a spare PS2 I am looking to sell. It is the SCPH-5001 model that is DVD+-R/W media compatible and has the internal IR sensor for the DVD remote. It has a BRAND new laser recently installed and all games load within moments, no DRE's or waiing for it to detect the disc. It reads all...
  9. PCE_Fanboy

    WTB: Saturn S-Video Cable

    So I broke the pin in mine last night and figured I would ask if anyone here had one they could part with before I went to Ebay. Thanks!!