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  1. Gummy Bear

    Refurbished Tennokoe Banks for PC Engine

    Howdy! Just plugging my site where you can send your Tennokoe Bank to be refurbished or purchase a ready refurbished one.
  2. Gummy Bear

    WTB: Wide Boy 64 AGB

    Will pay any reasonable price for this item. Has to be in perfect working condition and good physical shape; no dog-chewed horrors. Not interested in the GBC version.
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    WTB: MVS Gunlord

    My old thread went off the bottom so I figured I'd make an equally futile NEW thread!
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    Guide: How to make your NGCD pads last FOREVER!!

    Bonjour! As many of you know, the Neo CD pad is prone to failure due to the mechanical stick assembly wearing out because it wasn't factory lubricated. The sliding parts inside the stick literally grind themselves down with normal use. This causes the White Dust of Death to appear, which can...
  5. Gummy Bear

    FS: Nearly new 161 in 1 MVS kit. - SOLD

    Vanilla 161 in 1. Bought out of curiosity but I can't live without my hi-score saves. Only used a couple of times. *****SOLD***** Price - 」50 Postage to UK - 」4 Postage to ROW - 」13
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    SNES pad for Neo?

    Kinda weird, but might be ok.
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    pls delete

    Not mine. Looks legit though and the price isn't ridiculous, in case anyone is interested.
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    Greetings one and all! I'm looking to purchase the following MVS games: Samurai Shodown V Special - **GOT** Sengoku 3 - **GOT** Fast Striker - **GOT** Last Hope Pink Bullets - **GOT** Gunlord Breakers Revenge - **GOT** If you have any of these and are willing to part with them, please PM me.
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    delete please

    delete please
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    delete please

    delete please. obsolete
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    FS: Mr. Backup Z64 HW3 (N64 backup) HDD modded.

    Hi all. I am selling my extremely rare hardware version 3 Z64 backup device for N64. And before you go "I've seen HW3's before.." this is the unit with the factory overheat fix. The very last revision of the HW3 before Nintendo burned Mr. Backup for heresy. It has been heatsinked (not that it...
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    Is now for sale. Read all about it here: Item is for sale on eBay...
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    CPS II Audio output level?

    Bonjour. The CPS2 'Q-Sound' output (RCA) jacks: Are they speaker or line-out level? Thanks peeps.
  14. Gummy Bear

    Supergun SCART volume control.

    Bonjourno! I've made a few cMVS in my time but now I'm really pushing the boat out... I'm gonna build a supergun! Just imagine that, folks! :tickled: (yeah, not that exciting...) Anyway: I have a morbid fear of destroying my TV speakers. When consolizing MVS boards, I always have the...
  15. Gummy Bear

    Overclocking Genesis 3

    Hello all. Appologies in advance for the non-neo related topic. :drool: I have been scouring the net for any info on overclocking the (Majesco) Sega Genesis 3, with no success. I have found several places that tell you how to overclock the original Genesis/Megadrive but none that tell you...
  16. Gummy Bear

    WTB: CPS-2 'Progear' & 'Super SFII Turbo' B boards

    Greetings all. I know I've got a cat in hells chance but hey... I am looking for cosmetically clean, blue B boards of Progear and SSF2T. Not bothered about full kits or anything (like that'll make a difference). ;) Will pay rather handsomely if they are clean, as in really clean. NO BOOTS...
  17. Gummy Bear

    CPS-2 Suicide battery lifespan.

    Hello all. Before anyone screams at me, let me explain: I've heard that CPS-2 batteries last for 5 years. However, when the board is powered up, the battery isn't used. Assuming that a board is in regular use, the battery may have very little use compared to a board that isn't used. I'm...
  18. Gummy Bear

    WTB: Tristar 64 (N64 add-on)

    The Tristar 64 allows the user to play SNES and NES carts on their Nintendo64. I am looking for a mint (or as near to mint as possible) example. It should be the US one (not JAP). Item would be shipped to UK and payment would be made with Paypal. Many thanks.
  19. Gummy Bear

    CPS-2 'B' board storage.

    Howdy y'all. Just a quickie: Are there any suitable cases for CPS-2 games available? Like teh shock boxes for MVS, only..... for CPS-2 games.... Storage could become a problem as collection size increases y'see. Anyone know of anything like that? (a long shot, I know)
  20. Gummy Bear

    WTB: CPS-2 game - Super Street Fighter II Turbo

    Greetings all. I am looking for a cosmetically clean (as near to mint as possible) blue SSF2 Turbo 'B' board. Board must not be Phoenixed. Will pay handsomely if the condition of the board is acceptable. PM if you think you've got what I need and let me know how much you're looking to get...