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  1. elGRIZZbo

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got Mickey's Speedway USA from a local here where I live near Raleigh, NC. He reached out to me requesting a trade for an Official Nintendo Power The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Player's Guide I had up for sale on Facebook Marketplace. We did a straight up trade without any additional...
  2. elGRIZZbo

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got a fat Xbox One with 500GB HD for $40 Looking through FB Marketplace I saw someone selling it for $50. Offered $40 and they accepted. Came with power cord, HDMI cable and one controller. It seems to work just fine - the seller mentioned that they were getting rid of it because they got a...
  3. elGRIZZbo

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Black Friday sale for just $49.99.
  4. elGRIZZbo

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Stumbled across these Mario and Luigi toys on Facebook Marketplace for just $10 for both. As a huge fan of Mario Kart, I had to have them even without the packaging so I quickly snapped them up. I would have probably bought both new if I'd known about them but then I probably wouldn't have...
  5. elGRIZZbo

    Easy way to play Mario Kart Wii online again via Wiimmfi

    This video explains in detail how to easily play Mario Kart Wii online again without having to mod your Wii console. This is completely legal since you need a copy of the game in the console's disc drive for it to work. I've tested this and can confirm that it works. If you get an Error Code...
  6. elGRIZZbo

    One of my short stories

    Conflict At a future time, in a nameless place, the combatants met. The outcome of their encounter would surely determine the course of human history for generations to come. Each was the product of an advanced evolution accelerated by the ultimate necessity of survival. A small, white marble...
  7. elGRIZZbo

    Grizz's sub collections

    I don't have a massive collection of video games for a specific console but rather several smaller sub collections. For example, I own these rather pricey games for the N64. The one in the upper left-hand corner Clay Fighter: Sculptor's Cut regularly sells for upwards of $350 in the condition...
  8. elGRIZZbo

    They call me Grizz

    Howdy from North Carolina! I've been lurking here a while and finally joined a few weeks ago. My obsession with playing Neo-Geo fighting games like The Last Blade 2, Ninja Master's and Samurai Shodown II & IV brought me here. I'm also a little bit of a video game collector although I haven't...
  9. elGRIZZbo

    Idea for a video game

    I've been thinking about making a sumo based fighting game in which you battle weirder and weirder opponents as you progress. Here's some concept art I did. As in real sumo wrestling - the goal would be to knock the opponent out of the ring. What would make the game unique, however, is the...