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  1. Jonny l3lanka

    Selling my MVS KIT collection - matching serials: Spin Master, Shock Troopers, Top Hunter

    I've updated my sales thread with my complete kits and pics! Spin Master (matching serials) - £155 Top Hunter (matching serials - spanish art) - £138 Super Sidekicks 2 - £30 The Next Glory Super Sidekicks 3 (serials off by one digit) - £40 Super Sidekicks: The Ultimate 11...
  2. Jonny l3lanka

    Sorry I cant post in the right section.. please delete this

    Sorry.. wrong section, mods please delete
  3. Jonny l3lanka

    FS: Shock Troopers Kit Matching Serials + Strikers 1945 Plus Cart

    Hey. Already have these so looking to sell. -Shock Troopers Kit with Matching Serials $160 Flyers, dips are mint, box is near mint and cart as a few scuffs but overall nice condition. No MM. -Strikers 1945 Plus $120 (Now 120 SHIPPED) Blue Cart with holo label. Really nice shape. See pics...
  4. Jonny l3lanka

    FS: Twinkle Star Sprites MVS Full Kit + Matching Serials

    Hey guys, up for sale is my Twinkle Star Sprites Full Kit. As you can see from the pics everything is in near mint condition. No folds or creases in the artwork or dips. No chips or dents on the box. Item is located in Cyprus which is in Europe. So postage within Uk and europe should be...
  5. Jonny l3lanka

    Roads Edge Cab in the wild..

    Just saw a guy I know on facebook post one of these for sale.. in excellent condition apparently with no scratches.. but 800 euros still sounds a bit too steep to me :p Throughout all my years of Sega Rallys Scud Race's and Daytona's I've never really come across one of these.. Anyone here?
  6. Jonny l3lanka

    Looking for the manual for Super Metroid (snes)

    I'm missing the manual for super metroid, can anyone hook me up? Cheers
  7. Jonny l3lanka


    Hi all, looking for either of these games preferably US versions. Can anyone hook me up? Thanks
  8. Jonny l3lanka

    Why do we call it the "AES"

    This name feels kind of forced to me, never really been as official as say the MVS which is proper SNK branding.. What got me thinking this was the other day I glanced at the box of my MV-1A motherboard.. and low and beyold, there was the neo geo logo with the words "advanced entertainment...
  9. Jonny l3lanka

    Does anybody still own their childhood AES games that were bought way back in the 90s?

    Thought this might be an interesting topic, just seeing who still owns the neo games that their parents bought you.. maybe some metal slugs or kizunas that you got for under 300 bucks? :)
  10. Jonny l3lanka

    How much should I pay for a Neo 29 Candy cab?

    Looking to buy this, found one locally. It's in used condition and extremely yellowed, but fully functional and the screen seems to be in good nick. How much should I offer? 250 euros?
  11. Jonny l3lanka

    Arcade ops using actual AES consoles and carts inside arcade machines??

    So I just came back from another local operator to have a look at his stash.. Apart from a few rares like Strikers 1945 there wasn't many items of interest. ..until one thing caught my eye.. Among his mvs carts on the shelf was a loose Ninja Combat AES cart..!! Damn how weird.. Don't think I've...
  12. Jonny l3lanka

    Wtf happened with forum member vasilas432 ??

    edit never mind.. good job im not planning on getting into aes then :p
  13. Jonny l3lanka

    so any chance of a flag for cyprus? :),or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.42661473,d.Yms&biw=1280&bih=632&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=8VUmUY_tKsyZhQeErIGgDQ :multi_co:
  14. Jonny l3lanka

    Your experience with the Neo Store...

    Why the hell is my order taking so long? I must've ordered something over 2 months ago now and I've still received nothing! No email, nothing.. Has anyone had a similar experience? Should I be worried?
  15. Jonny l3lanka

    Swapping MVS shells and removing/re-applying existing labels..

    Hi all. I figured I'd start a thread on this to see what the popular opinion is on this.. So you have a bashed up MVS cart.. amd a mint shell replacement. But the label of the cart is still nice condition or minty.. So you want to swap the shells and label but without tearing/damaging the...
  16. Jonny l3lanka

    Is it just me or are MV-1C hard as hell to find these days??

    So is anyone selling one? I wanna buy! :buttrock:
  17. Jonny l3lanka

    About those yellow warnind labels on the front of aes/mvs carts

    Is there a set list of games that had or didn't have them? Because it seems quite random.. I have a bunch of MVS carts and about half of them have it.. perhaps the older ones didn't have it? I have Fatal Fury Special for AES and that doesn't have one.. I really hate it especially when they...
  18. Jonny l3lanka

    WTB - Forza Horizon, Dirt 3, Dreamcast Arcade Stick

    Hey hey.. looking for the following: Dirt 3 (ps3) Forza Horizon (360) and an official DC stick.. can be sanwa or just standard. prefer sanwa though lol. Hit me up!! :multi_co: Thanks Jonny
  19. Jonny l3lanka

    What do you recommend using for cleaning a plasma screen?

    Hey all. Wasn't sure if this fitted better in the non-related forum or not but it is directly related to my current gaming setup so I thought it'd be ok here :lolz: Edit: if its not, feel free to move it I have a Panasonic P42X10 plasma and up until now I'd just gently clean the screen surface...
  20. Jonny l3lanka

    Hey, does anyone have a spare scart cable for the AES lying around? Just need one to test

    as per title.. just looking for a scart cable to test my aes.. cheeeears! :multi_co: