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  1. Karny

    NeoSD MVS/AES - General Consensus?

    They're very expensive, especially if you get whacked for VAT on top, but compared with the cost of some games these days, it's a relative bargain. FWIW, I also have the MVS one and love it, so much that I've ordered an AES one now too.
  2. Karny

    All of this stupid shit is now all gone SOLD!!!

    DM’d for Neo SD
  3. Karny

    Crackling sound on 1-slot MVS for most games

    Hi all The title of this pretty much says it all! :help: I've recently bought a 1 slot MVS to put into my JAMMA cab and it works perfectly, except for the sound. On all the games I've tested (except for my boot Puzzle Bobble) the sound is really "crackly" and horrible. It's terrible in some...
  4. Karny

    Strange flicker/extra layer - SOLVED!

    Hey... I just got a copy of ultimate 11 and it seems to work a treat! Except there seems to a weird graphical glitch on the top half of the pitch. I haven't noticed any other problems, in fact the game looks, sounds and runs great. Not sure if you can tell from this rather crappy picture...
  5. Karny

    Is this the right harness?

    Hi, me again... I've recently bought a cab of some sort and I'm looking at smartening it up a bit, as you can see it'll need a fair bit of work! One of the first things I need to do is fix the sound (I've posted already about this elsewhere). The problem is the cables are setup in such a...
  6. Karny

    [SOLVED] No/low sound from "center" speaker on MVS 4 Slot

    Hi there I just bought my first arcade cab yesterday. I've had all sort of fun with it so far and I've finally got the buttons mapped correctly. The main problem I'm having now is with the sound. At first there was no sound coming from the 'left' speaker, but it turns out that was just a loose...