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  1. pva

    Final Vendetta by Bitmap Bureau

    You’re probably seeing the UK price (inclusive of VAT) converted to euros. If you follow the checkout process far enough (and choose an EU country as the destination), you’ll see the ex-VAT price (see screenshot). As to EU-friendly shipping, since you’re not paying VAT on checkout, and the...
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    Final Vendetta by Bitmap Bureau

    From their Kickstarter update: Sounds fair to me. (The £30 increase is, of course, relative to current XC pricing.)
  3. pva

    Multi-consolising a HSS-0130 arcade stick

    Here's a long-overdue, final update: Luckily, PAS had a restock of the MC Cthulhus earlier this year, and I managed to snag a pair of them, too. I then slapped the Saturn-to-JAMMA converters and the MC Cthulhus in an old project box (from '92, no less!), and wired them together using flat...
  4. pva

    FOUND: Razion AES (JPN)

    I'm looking to buy a copy of the Japanese version of Razion for the AES. I'd prefer to purchase from an seller within the EU in order to save on shipping costs, potential taxes and import duties etc., but I'm willing to entertain offers from outside the EU if the price is right. If you have...
  5. pva

    Multi-consolising a HSS-0130 arcade stick

    I recently chanced upon a mint Sega HSS-0130 at an agreeable price on eBay, and promptly proceeded to buy it as a Christmas present for myself. Having played a metric shit-ton of Saturn games over the holidays, I now find myself wanting to use the stick on other retro consoles besides the...
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    Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää o7

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    Post a Pic of your CMVS, AES or Neo CD............

    My setup is coming together nicely, even if I say so myself. (Cable management still needs work, though.) As a newcomer to the scene, I must admit I'm rather impressed by all the modifications and add-ons that the NG community has created, making a nearly 30-year-old console still a blast to...