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  1. Ramus

    Racecar is a great buyer. Thanks! +2

    Thanks for buying my Dodonpachi Dai Ou jou and Dragon Blaze PCBs. Easy to deal with and sticks to his word. Appreciate it. -Ramus
  2. Ramus

    FS: Sega New Astro City Cab (SOLD)

    $400.00. (SOLD) Pick up only. I live in Southern California; Simi Valley exactly. PM for questions.
  3. Ramus

    FS: Gunbird 2, Dragon Blaze, Do Donpachi Dai Ou Jou PCBs

    I accept Paypal and credit cards through Paypal. US only please. Prices include shipping. Gunbird 2 PCB (English) - $150.00 SOLD Dragon Blaze PCB (English) - $125.00 SOLD Do Donpachi Dai Ou Jou PCB w/ metal casing - $275.00 SOLD
  4. Ramus

    sven666 - great guy!

    +2 for sven666. Very patient even thought there were problems with the shipping and still very nice when things didn't go as planned. I know I said a number of times, but I'm really sorry sven666. Thanks for being so easy to work with.
  5. Ramus

    Racecar - great transaction!

    He bought a Strikers 3 PCB from me a few weeks ago; really great guy. Thanks again.
  6. Ramus

    For Droid... Great transaction!

    Thanks for meeting me half way. :D -Ramus
  7. Ramus

    I got Raiden, Dragon Blaze, Tengai, Donpachi PCBs if you're interested

    Here they are. EDIT 03/21/2006: Up for sale. Prices lowered.