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  1. GadgetUK

    Rally Chase CD to Cartridge Conversion

    Brilliant work guys!!!!
  2. GadgetUK

    Cabal Neo Geo Port

    This work is incredible!!! =O
  3. GadgetUK

    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    Does anyone have KoF 97 working properly - ie. playing intro music when you go into demo? I am also finding it borks when you start a game - as its loading, after char selection comes up with a Neo SD Error screen. EDIT: The "unprotected" versions seem to play music OK on the intro, but show...
  4. GadgetUK

    MVS Cost - Back in the day?

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere - I have searched the net and cannot seem to find any info. Does anyone know how much MVS boards retailed for back when they were mainstream in the arcades? Presumably you could buy the boards seperate from a cabinet? In particular, cost of:- 1 slot 2...
  5. GadgetUK

    BIOS Address (A13-A15) & Missing Every Other Character

    Has anyone seen this behaviour before on an MVS? The error is BIOS Address A13 - A15. The ROM has good connectivity to the CPU. I am speculating the CPU might be the problem.
  6. GadgetUK

    Neo Geo Repair Tips

    Thanks! Another tip here - helping a friend working on his 1FZ, he worked out that the 245 had failed related to the LO ROM, after we worked through trying to work out why no sprites. He had the S1 layer, previously swapped out the 2K VRAMs (as they had failed with error), and after he...
  7. GadgetUK

    Neo Geo Repair Tips

    Hi, I've done a number of MVS 1 slot repairs recently and wanted to share it with people. Backup RAM & Palette RAM Error Backup RAM & VRAM Z80 Error (MV1A / MV1AX)...
  8. GadgetUK

    MV-1FZ Backup RAM Help

    I've done another crusty repair and video, but at the same time I thought I would share this with the community. The cause (74HC259 & HC04) might be the reason others have failed to fix their BRAM faults on the 1FZ. This diagram (and notes on connectivity testing) may help someone...
  9. GadgetUK

    Neo Geo CD Frontloader Repair Help Please

    Looking at the photo with the gear there - looks like a missing tooth to me! If you cannot find a replacement gear, don't give up - consider manufacturing a tooth for it (eg. a tiny piece of epoxy to fill the gap between the teeth, then some very fine work with files once it hardens to build a...
  10. GadgetUK

    Metal Slug 5 bootleg Cart improvement? Gadgetuk

    All you need to do is look at the pinout of the AMS1117 (make sure you buy the 3.3v version), then solder the ground to a ground somewhere (maybe right pin of the 2 pin point next to where I marked 3.3v (and you might be able to shove an electrolytic in that position too. Feed 5v into the...
  11. GadgetUK

    AES Screen Colour (Self Test) - White?

    Anyone seen an AES show a white screen when there's no cart in there? The AES is functional - just got a wierd intermittant PCM issue which I am thinking could be bad caps, perhaps the YM3016D, intermittant connection on a trace (cart slot is super clean and good as new), or maybe a glitchy...
  12. GadgetUK

    MVS & AES NEOSD flash card... AES Version ANNOUNCED & AVAILABLE!!

    Shells arrived - they are awesome! Great works guys =D Two different ways I fitted them, the one I use with my 1FZ I've split the label with a gillotine, the other label I just mounted as normal.
  13. GadgetUK

    Razion & Fast Striker MVS reprints just went on sale *GUNLORD AES added 5/17*

    The front of the Last Hope is a bit deformed as you can see. To be fair, they did say that on their website that the ABS shells can have inperfections. Just black plastic!
  14. GadgetUK

    Neo Geo Pocket SD

    Some of you might already be aware, but you can now pre-order the Neo Geo Pocket SD from I had an early look at one over the last week:-
  15. GadgetUK

    The OFFICIAL... Neosd MicroSD Card thread...

    NeoSD MVS firmware update 1.05 Load Times: (Interesting how my KOF03 took longer than greatfunky, but Magicial Lord took less :conf: - KOF03 : 2.54 - Magician Lord: 0.19
  16. GadgetUK

    MVS & AES NEOSD flash card... AES Version ANNOUNCED & AVAILABLE!!

    Wow:- OMFG! That's just awesome!
  17. GadgetUK

    MV-IC (memory card slot) PCB

    Anyone know if the MV-IC (memory card slot) is the same between the different 4 and 6 slot boards? ie. just the 60 pin connector and they are all the same? Also, anyone know where to buy one from?
  18. GadgetUK

    NEOGEO 161 IN 1 - NEWER VERSION? GadgetUK164

    See below:- Ignore those 2 electrolytics you have on there - those are smoothing / reservoir caps, so you don't need to add any to board 1. Just add the 47pF caps between the 2 vias circled and ground. ie. each via will be connected to a 47pF cap, the other end to the nearest ground. The PCB...