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  1. Dash no Chris

    Q: about Yoga mats & footwear

    Been a donkey's age since I've posted, but I know that if Google's not coughin' up an answer in a few minutes, the neo-geo forums are the place to ask. Wondering if y'all might be able to make some recommendations for footwear brands / types that'll work & play nice with yoga mats without...
  2. Dash no Chris

    Wonder Woman fans: art question

    Hey, all: I recently ran across this Wonder Woman illustration... ...HERE and HERE. I was wondering if any WW fans here might recognize this image, and if you might know who the artist is or what the image was originally created for (comic book cover, poster, lithograph, advertisement, etc)...
  3. Dash no Chris

    05/2013: new pachislo based on Ryuuko no Ken (Art of Fighting) Just found out about this today, did a quick search and didn't see any already-existing threads on this, so I thought I'd quickly share the link to SNK Playmore's upcoming Ryuuko no Ken (Art of Fighting) pachislo machine. Due out in May 2013...
  4. Dash no Chris

    Piece of my childhood recovered (Takara Black Jaguar-6 pong console)

    Resident Scot Ein_Boser_Schotte's recent exposure to Kasumi Ninja's Angus -- and subsequent irritability at learning that I did not, in fact, own a copy of this game -- prompted me to glance around eBay and for (Atari) Jaguar stuffs. The Japanese auction search just happened...
  5. Dash no Chris

    JPN adopting April Fool's Day? (Star Radish on MVS this summer?)

    LINK Not sure if this is all a joke, or if we're looking at a throwback-to-a-bygone-era-of-gaming-nostalgia-tribute-thingie here. --Chris
  6. Dash no Chris

    KOF'98UM OST CD on sale in Japan 4-23-08

    Title: The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Original Soundtrack Item #: KDSD-0005~206 Publisher: TEAM Entertainment On Sale: 4/23/2008 Price: 3360 yen (tax incl.) 2-disc OST, being published by TEAM Entertainment (the folks who've handled all of the more recent Guilty Gear series music CD...
  7. Dash no Chris

    bringing back my old website, Dash Taisen

    dunno how many of you might remember my old website, Dash Taisen (previously located at, you can still check out some pictureless ghosts of the site by using the wayback machine at the internet archive (like so). in addition to being chun-li's 40th birthday, today was also the...
  8. Dash no Chris

    3rd round of SNK cards for UFS CCG

    Sabertooth Games' UFS (Universal Fighting System) collectible card game added KOF2006 (aka KOF:MI2) and SamShoV (aka SamSpiZero) to its list of licensed properties in 2006 (other IPs are Street Fighter, Soul Calibur III, and Penny Arcade). In February, they'll be releasing a new SF expansion...
  9. Dash no Chris

    xbox MS3 port in news report on foiled would-be school shooter

    saw this earlier this morning on nbc. managed to find a video using some of the same footage during my lunchbreak: LINK the video's timer counts down as it plays. the cover of xbox metal slug 3 appears at the 3:19 point. --Chris
  10. Dash no Chris

    KOF MIA OST CD on sale 8/22/07 in Japan

    Title: KOF Maximum Impact Regulation "A" Original Sound Track Publisher: ULF Records ("Sten och Flod" label) Item Number: STF-0018 Release Date: 08/22/2007 Price: 2940 yen # of Discs: 2 ULF (Underground Liberation Force) Records' "Sten och Flod" label previously released The King of Fighters...
  11. Dash no Chris

    2nd round of SNK cards for UFS CCG

    Sabertooth Games' UFS (Universal Fighting System) collectible card game added KOF2006 (aka KOF:MI2) and SamShoV (aka SamSpiZero) to its list of licensed properties last year (other IPs are Street Fighter, Soul Calibur III, and Penny Arcade). In August, they'll be releasing a new SCIII expansion...
  12. Dash no Chris

    preview of Kusanagi Kyo card (UFS CCG)

    As some of you may recall, Sabertooth Games announced on 5/12/2006 that KOF2006 (aka MI2) and SamShoV (aka SamSpi Zero) had been licensed for a future expansion to their popular UFS (Universal Fighting System) Collectible Card Game (currently utilizing characters from Street Fighter and Soul...
  13. Dash no Chris

    new Rurouni Kenshi PS2 fighter on 9/14/2006

    Just a quick link to the official website for those who hadn't seen it yet (the search function didn't yield any earlier threads on the topic). Only 6 characters on the site so far, and only 4 of them have in-game fighting technique screenshots -- the MOVIE section just has one short clip at...
  14. Dash no Chris

    3-CD Samurai Spirits OST on sale 8/9/06 (in Japan)

    Scitron Discs is set to release the OSTs of SamSpi Tenkaichi (arcade & PS2 ver.) and SamSpi Zero (aka SamSho V) in a 3-disc package on August 9th: Title: Onban Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden - Zero no maki 音盤 サムライスピリッツ 天下一剣客伝・零の巻 Item #: SCDC-00538~00540 Publisher: Scitron Discs Release...
  15. Dash no Chris

    KOF:MI2 OST CD on sale 6/21/06 in Japan

    Scitron Discs is releasing the 2-disc OST CD of KOF:MI2 on 6/21/06 in Japan: KOF MAXIMUM IMPACT 2 SOUND TRACK SCDC-00532~00533 3150 yen 125 mins / 79 tracks Got mine on preorder -- PM me if anyone wants to order one thru me. --Chris
  16. Dash no Chris

    Hokuto no Ken (Atomiswave) guidebook 03/20/2006

    Title: Hokuto no Ken ~Seikimatsu Ougi Hiden no Sho~ ISBN#: 4-7973-3460-6 Publisher: Soft Bank On Sale: 03/20/2006 Pages: 112 (full color) Price: 1680 yen Same publisher as the Tenkaichi guidebook (dunno if the writers/editors are the same, tho...). --Chris
  17. Dash no Chris

    Gain Ground / Crack Down DVD 03/24/06 JPN

    Scitron Discs will release a strategy/tactics/tips/gameplay DVD/CD combo on 3/24/2006, entitled Kouryaku Chronicle Series: Gain Ground & Crack Down. The DVD will provide strategies/tactics for each stage of each game, while the CD features each game's OST. The pack-in booklet will include design...
  18. Dash no Chris

    Game chara garage kit sculptor Ishida Ei'ichi

    EDIT: the Himikoden picture on Page 2 is not work-friendly. Ran across a website with 2 pages of photos of garage kit artist Ishida Ei'ichi's game character sculptures and thought some of the folks here might be interested in having a look (especially the Page 1 link, which has photos of all...
  19. Dash no Chris

    Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden guidebook 02/10/2006!

    Finally -- a Japanese guidebook for one of the new SamSpi games! Title: Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden Koushiki Complete Guide ISBN: 4-7973-3542-4 Publisher: Soft Bank On Sale: 02/10/2006 Pages: 128 Price: 1575 yen Now if we could just get a soundtrack CD release... --Chris
  20. Dash no Chris

    NEO-GEO Gals Graffiti returns on DVD! (3/24/2006)

    Nuts. Meant to "quote" and bump (Scitron added the DVD's cover image to their listing for the NEO-GEO Gals Graffiti & Character Music Clip DVD x2) this thread, but wound up clicking "edit" and deleted the contents of my original post. :mad: NEO-GEO Gals Graffiti & Character Music Clip DVD x2...