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    SOLD: HAS supergun v2

    This has been SOLD! ------------- I have a HAS supergun, version 2 for sale. Looking for $175 shipped anywhere in the USA. It includes the power cable (to connect to a PSU) and a kick harness (CPS2). DM me if you have any questions.
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    SOLD: Cave PGM cart - Dodonpachi Daioujo

    These have all been SOLD! Thanks for all that showed interest. ----------------- I have a few of the Cave PGM carts for sale. These are the original cart, not the redone one with the new PCB. I have 1 copy of Dodonpachi Daioujo left. This is the black level version only. Asking $125 shipped...
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    SOLD OUT! - New Net City extended remote board

    All of these are SOLD OUT! Thank you to anyone who bought any. -------------- Do you have a New Net City with the original Toshiba perfect flat monitor? Did you know that there are 2 hidden menus that you can't normally access with the normal remote board. The set of menus that you CAN'T...
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    FS: Samurai Shodown 3 kit with mismatch serials

    American kit with mismatch serials. $110 shipped in the USA. PM me if interested.
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    FOUND: Core Graphx II

    FOUND! Thanks for all the LOL in the thread. :D ------- I'm looking for a Core Graphx II with power supply and controller. I have a RGB modded Duo-R and some CPS1 games as trade towards it if anybody is interested. PM me.
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    FT: CPS1 games for Cave SH3

    So I need a Cave game with a SH3 for the sake of science. I have the following CPS-1 games I am willing to trade for. Don't ask me to sell them unless you want to be raep by me in terms of pricing. All games are legit and working 100%. Willow UN Squadron Street Fighter II : World Warrior...
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    FS: A few MVS carts & 4 slot

    I have a few MVS carts for sale. All are 100% legit. Price includes shipping in the USA. If you're out of the USA, you gotta PM me for your raep price. Prices negotiable. Worse I can tell you is to eat a dick. :glee: Pictures coming when I'm not lazy. Garou - $185 (Japanese) Rage Of The...
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    FS: PC Engine Super CD-Rom2 with CoreGrafx II - SOLD!

    This has been SOLD! ---- So I have a RGB modded PC Engine Super CD-rom2 with CoreGrafx II. The sound is a little scratchy on it. It doesn't have the original AC adapter, but a white universal one. Also comes with 1 controller. Asking $225 shipped in the USA. I'm open to trades, just let me...
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    Panel is SOLD! 2 slot no longer available! ------ So I have an original Egret 2 control panel. It was originally a 2L8B panel, but some asshole decided to drill holes in it for Street Fighter, so now it's a 2L14B panel. Panel is in great shape, with no to no rusting. What you see is what you...
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    already topic in warroom

    Whoops, didn't see there was a post about it already in the warroom.
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    FS: MVS carts with shockboxes

    Prices DO NOT include shipping. Free shipping if you buy 3 or more carts at once. Zupapa kit - $225 (not pictured, matching number on cart and box) Samurai Shodown 3 - $40 Art of Fighting 2 - $23 ITEMS SOLD Magical Drop 3 with shockbox - $70 161 in 1 - $60 Bomberman - BOOTLEG - FREE with...
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    Taito Egret 2 RGB/power connector

    Can someone tell me when I can find the connector and pins that goes from the MS9-29T chassis to the monitor. An actual link to digikey or mouser would be highly appreciated. Pictures of it is below.
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    FS: Wei-Ya 3129A tri-sync chassis for New Astro or Egret 2

    Want to make your New Astro or Egret 2 into a tri-sync beast? Well, I have the solution for you! A Wei-Ya C3129A chassis! This chassis is no longer being made and they are hard to find. I have one that has very little hours on it (about 30 hours). Comes with the metal mounting plate and is...
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    FS: Atomiswave SD 1 player panel

    I am selling a 1 player Atomiswave SD with the card reader. Panel is in great shape with no rust. Asking $50 plus shipping for it. ---------------------------------------------- BOTH of these chassis have been SOLD! I have a Nanao MS8 chassis I has been SOLD. Its for a 29 inch tube. The...
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    FS: 1066 in 1 PC jamma board, celeron CPU

    I have one of those 1066 in 1 PC JAMMA board games I am selling. Works fine. Comes with the power supply and main board only, no manuals or anything. I can get it to work fine on a 31khz monitor, but on 15khz, it gets a double image. There's probably a dip switch somewhere, but I am too lazy...
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    SOLD: Astro power supply 400-5198 + 4 slot MVS mobo

    BOTH of these items have been SOLD! ----------------------- I have an older 4 slot motherboard, where slot #2 doesn't work properly (I get garbled picture). So 3 out of the 4 slots work great. Comes with the metal top. There is a unibios 2.3 on it. Asking $50 plus shipping for it. PM me...
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    GONE: Broken older 4 slot MVS motherboard

    This has been claimed. --------- I have one of the larger, older 4 slot motherboard I am giving away for free. All you need to do is pay shipping. The slots give me garbled pictures. It comes with a Japanese bios. Also comes with the metal cover. PM me if you're interested.
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    GONE: Winter Heat STV cart

    This has now been claimed! ---------------- I have a Winter Heat STV cart with no shell that I don't need. If you're in the USA, I will give it to you for free and even pay shipping on it. If you're outside the USA, depends on who you are, you may or may not get it. :tickled: PM me if...
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    FOUND: Smaller 4 slot MVS motherboard

    This is FOUND! ------------------------ I am looking for the smaller 4 slot MVS motherboard. I don't care what language the bios is. PM me with a price.
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    in San Diego on Sep. 12th. Los Angeles on the 13th.

    I will be in the San Diego area on September 12th and will be free after 5:30pm. So if anyone wants to hang out, let me know. Then on September 13th, I will be in the Los Angeles area all day. Planning to go to Round One. Once again, if you're free and want to hang out, let me know.