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  1. Pasky

    The official 1cc Video Thread

    Blazing Star.
  2. Pasky

    The official 1cc Video Thread

    Oriental Legend Super 1CC
  3. Pasky

    The official 1cc Video Thread

    Cross Blades no miss 1CC using Arnold played don the new mister M92 core.
  4. Pasky

    The official 1cc Video Thread

    Yo MCF, hope you're doing well. Just cleared Raystorm yesterday. I'm not that great at shmups, found the game really difficult haha. Super fun game though annd has an amazing aesthetic and atmosphere. You'll get that KOTM2 clear bud but ya gotta put in the attempts.
  5. Pasky

    MV-1C Calender Error

    Battery is removed. Crystal has a 32Mhz sine wave. NEC D4990A is getting +4.3V on power on (this seems normal, my other MV-1C gets this as well and boots fine to the cross hatch). Neo MV-1C keeps getting stuck at green screen boot, very rarely comes up with black screen saying Calender Error...
  6. Pasky

    WTB: Sengoku 3 MVS

    Just looking for a working copy, cart only is fine.
  7. Pasky

    WTB: Capcom Trojan

    Looking for a JP or US revision. Not interested in bootlegs or severely warped PCB's. Thanks.
  8. Pasky

    WTB: In The Hunt

    Looking for this. Will consider trading my Espgaluda PCB for it, established members only on trade. Let me know what you got. Condition of the A board is important to me (i.e. no Irem M92 blown caps).
  9. Pasky

    Capcom Humble Bundle Really good games for the prices. Also charity if you're into that.
  10. Pasky

    Meal replacement powder shakes

    Renewed my gym membership with my university since I get an alumni discount. Gonna start going back to the gym regularly now but I don't really have a lot of time during lunch to make a proper meal and not a big fan of microwaving shit I've prepared before hand, although I plan to just not...
  11. Pasky

    CR2032 battery holder that fits MV-1C replacement?

    Ive got some vertical CR2032 holders but none fit the PCB holes. Anyone know of any I can buy that would fit without much modification, preferably none? Thanks.
  12. Pasky

    Finally.... My pets can be who I really think they are
  13. Pasky

    WTB: Shen Jian/The Gladiator for PGM

    Looking for a cart, want to beast this game. Lemme know if ya got one for sale. Thanks.
  14. Pasky

    Anyone familiar with chinese mind translating a small table?

    This is the armor list in Knights of Valour 2 but unfortunately all the properties of each armor are in Chinese only. Would anyone able to do so mind translating the defense values and special properties (things like lightning resistance, poison resistance, etc...)? I don't need the names...
  15. Pasky

    Easter Eggs and 1UP Secrets in King of Monsters 2

    So I recently cleared this game and have been playing it all week. Someone pointed out to me that on Replay Burners the player gets a 1UP on stage 1 I wasn't aware of. I knew about the timed button press 1UP's in stage 4 and 7 but had no idea about this one. So I tried it myself and it works...
  16. Pasky

    Happy birthday Marty McFly

    Happy birthday to a real cool cat.
  17. Pasky

    Krikkz 'Everdrive' black friday sale is live All the flashcarts are 20% off, just some heads up.
  18. Pasky

    Old Nintendo (NES) cheat books

    Trying to find a particular Nintendo cheat book. I don't think it was officially licensed and it was paperback, novel size. It had some crudely drawn wolf dude on it I think shooting a laser gun, memory may be bad been about 20 something years but I'm pretty sure it was some wolf type dude...
  19. Pasky

    Denjin Makai II (Guardians) Sync issues

    I got a Korean Denjin Makai II board and it plays fine on my Sony PVM L5 but my blast city cabinet nor my capture card get a signal. The blast city has a scrambled image but you hear the game sound playing, the capture card doesn't detect a signal at all. I told the seller and he sent a...