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    FS: NESiCA X Live CPs

    Here I've listed some NESiCA X Live control panels that I've had for a while. These will fit on a Lindbergh cabinet. Each panel comes with a NESiCA RFID reader as well. These things are in great condition and are pretty hard to attain outside of Desuville. I hate to let them go, but I do not see...
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    Thread previously created, please delete.
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    SSVS Proto on Ebay? Confirmed Boot

    Confirmed Boot. You can see the reasoning in my post here. Here's the seller's story: Pics: So we've seen small board boots before, but this one is unlike the ones I have seen before (as far as layout)...
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    WTB: Time's Up / Neo Pang MVS or AES

    Just throwing this out there, hopefully someone is interested in letting go of one. Looking for the MVS or AES cart of either of these games.
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    Last Resort Conversion Boot

    This is an image a buddy of mine sent me. Unfortunately, this is the only image he sent otherwise I would have attached more. My buddy had been talking to this seller for a little while who had this Last Resort cart listed for a pretty good price at today's standards. The guy assured him that...
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    Close Please

    Please close the thread.
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    SSVS Rom Sound Issue?

    So, came across a sound issue in the SSVS rom while playing it a few weeks back. I have been trying to scour the internet to find some sort of resolution or information on it, but I have not been able to locate anything... The issue happens during the VS screen where the announcer says the name...
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    Please close

    Please close.
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    WTS/ WTT for MVS Carts: Xbox 360 Slims (Orig, RGHd, Not Working) Want to Get Rid of Them

    I have various Xbox 360 slim consoles that are in original, RGH, or non-working condition. They come with a power brick each and are various sizes in hard drive capacity. I was running tournaments years ago and these are left over from that. I would like to get rid of them as I hate lugging them...
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    Neo Mini Cab Won't Power On

    So got a Neo Mini a few weeks back. It was working fine when I picked it up. I wanted to test some of my carts so I put them in the slots of the cab and plugged in the machine. As soon as I plugged in the machine I heard a pop sound. I then tried flipping the switch behind the coin door and...
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    FS: Please Buy My Stuff (Everything Sold, Will List More in Time)

    I'll be updating this thread with various stuff I find. I have the following available right now: All prices do not include shipping. Carts: Shipping will be $8 for 1 or 2 carts. 2 carts will fit in one padded shipping envelope and it's a flat rate to anywhere in the US. If you are outside...
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    Garou Coffee Mugs - Extremely Rare Find(?)

    So was out at my buddys place yesterday picking up various arcade components and suddenly found a box on the side. Front view of box packaging: Side view of box packaging: Inside the box were these: Coffee Mug Box Front View: Coffee Mug Box Rear Side: The boxes were so old (dated...
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    SvC Chaos Plus vs Super Plus

    So I have always preferred the Super Plus variant as it has all of the characters unlocked, including the boss characters which are not normally accessible via cheats. For some reason though, it seems that people prefer Super over Super Plus. I have looked up differences, but couldn't find much...
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    WTB: MVS SvC Chaos, MS5

    Looking for MVS carts of the following: - King of Fighters 2003 (Attained) - SNK vs. Capcom: SvC Chaos - Metal Slug (Attained) - Metal Slug 2 (Attained) - Metal Slug 2 Turbo (Attaining) - Metal Slug X (Attained) - Metal Slug 3 (Attained) - Metal Slug 5 Would prefer all original, but if there...
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    Scans/ Copies of Flyers, etc.

    So a lot of the carts from Japan come packaged with scans of all the material that comes in an MVS kit. I was wondering if anyone knew where to purchase these scan/ copied prints from? I have a few games that I need complete scans for.
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    Neo Geo Mini (MVS-2-13) Vector Art?

    Hey guys, I was able to find and save a Neo Geo mini cabinet, but the thing has seen better days. I will need to restore a good amount of it. I am looking for the art for the sides of the cabinet and the player indicator art near the coin doors. I found a guy who had recommended eccs19 to get...
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    Best NG Game Mods to Date

    Hey guys, was wondering what the consensus was from everyone on the best game mods around. I have heard of two that are definitely worth having: - MS2 Turbo (Slowdown Patch) - SvC Chaos Super Plus Can you guys recommend anything else?
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    Site for Marquees and Inserts?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a site that had downloadable marquees and inserts? I'm asking because sometimes when you buy boards they are lacking the marquees. I just got a board and it is lacking a marquee. Since I plan on putting it in an arcade I would like some sort of marquee I...
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    Bootleg SF4s Surfacing?! Real or Unreal?

    Hey guys, I have come across some interesting information. So around where I live there are many arcades that actually carry SF4. The prices vary per play on the game ranging from $0.50 - $1.00, $0.50 is at the really good arcades. Anyway, people started to hear of this one random Indian video...
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    Why is making a console coin op frowned upon?

    Sorry, didn't know where else to put this. The title speaks for itself. I can see why making a PC with roms is frowned upon, illegal duh, but making a console with an original copy of the game illegal? I just don't understand... I mean, if the game is an original copy and is a game that is not...