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  1. Sex Machine

    Any RGB experts in here?

    I have a bit of a question out of curiosity. I have a tv that has RGBHV inputs, my manual for the tv says that it also accepts RGB sync on green. I was wondering if arcade rgb would work on it for the hell of it.
  2. Sex Machine

    Is chat dead?

    I've been gone for quite a while, but has the chat finally died? Seems to look completely different every time I return also though I like this current look. :D
  3. Sex Machine

    A tv input question

    I know what damn near everything is, except for the DTV inputs? Looks sort of like component but with sync inputs also. Does anyone know what this is for, and what has used it? Looks like some form of modified RGB or something, with also horizontal and vertical sync inputs.
  4. Sex Machine

    Just got myself my first cab.

    As the topic states, just picked up my first cab for 150 bucks, from what it looks like it was originally an ikari warriors, then converted to final fight, and now has an SF2 world warrior board in it. Needs some work, but pretty stoked about finally picking one up. I'll have some pics later.
  5. Sex Machine

    AES old style stick. - Sold

    Sold. :)
  6. Sex Machine

    AES stick deal

    This is just for feedback purposes when the deal is completed. Sent cyriades payment for an AES old style stick. :qcf::A: :B: :buttrock:
  7. Sex Machine

    Spinmasters Deer Name it, hold a funeral

    I think because obviously this deer deserves respect. We should give it a proper NAME and burial complete with a eulogy from all deer respecting members.
  8. Sex Machine

    Happy Birthday Tron2.0

    Happy Birthday Tron. :) Returning your nice gesture. Have a good one man.
  9. Sex Machine

    WTB or Trade: Neo CD pad or PSX to Neo converter

    Hello all, anyone have a cheap neo cd pad or the PSX to neo converter they would be able to offer cheap or trade? Thanks! :)
  10. Sex Machine

    Ignore this just a thread so I can leave someone feedback!

    Just posting a thread so that I can leave RocketLawnChair feedback, thanks!
  11. Sex Machine

    Feedback for Mystic Flame

    Hello All, Mystic Flame and I completed a neo cd trade, and would like to post that he's an awesome seller and I love the games, thanks. :)
  12. Sex Machine

    Fatal Fury Special

    Hello, was wondering if anyone wanted to make a little trade, I have an english AOF 3 neo geo cd version, only lacking spine. Would anyone want to trade me a Fatal Fury Special neo CD game for neo CD english AOF 3?
  13. Sex Machine

    Neo CD minor troubleshooting

    Hello everyone just a minor trouble shooting question, I have a neo cd console which you can play for a varying ammount of time before it says to insert a cd, but say I lay an empty game jewel case on the door of the neo cd top loader, I can play with no problems, any ideas?
  14. Sex Machine

    Pdorr3 is one hell of a good trader, very happy with the trade we had. :)

    Topic, but I wanted to add, he's a trustworthy and polite guy, I'll gladly do more business with him. :)
  15. Sex Machine

    Cheap jamma pcb needed

    Hi all, I just wanted to know if anyone had a cheap old jamma pcb that I could use for a supergun I'm building, doesn't have to be anything special or expensive just something cheap to give a test run.
  16. Sex Machine

    vwlunatic is the man!!!!!! :)

    Just had a successful transaction with him, he is an awesome person to do business with, truthful, and would very much like to do business with again. :)
  17. Sex Machine

    AES and games FS

    Hi, I'm going to be getting extra money soon, so I'm thinking about selling my AES and games for MVS stuff. The AES is japanese, and has all cords, as well as 1 old style stick and 1 new style as are all games the games are: Fatal Fury 1: Used condition with insert and manual Fatal Fury...
  18. Sex Machine

    D-Lite is the man!

    I would like to say me and D-lite had a great transaction, and he's an awesome buyer, would gladly do business with again! :)
  19. Sex Machine

    Brand new not used once MVS MV-1C board with five carts

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell my MV-1C board to pay off a credit card. The board itself is brand new hasn't been used, purchased from the Neo store, it has the box and the manual, and 5 carts which are, Fatal Fury 1, Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury 3, Samurai Shodown 1 and King of Fighters 95. US...
  20. Sex Machine

    Jameco sc200

    Hello everyone, I'm building a supergun and have a question, I'll be using a jameco sc200 and before I buy one, I need to know if it has a power switch or do I need to wire one? And how would I go about wiring a power switch for it?