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    Breakers or Breakers Revenge... you decide

    Breakers Revenge is damn good.
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    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    How much do you figure for a mvs viewpoint? With a see through cart?
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    Roker plays the Sega Saturn (various early impressions)

    The child characters can't use the beer powerup and it has octopuses(octopi?) With boxing gloves as enemies. I have a really fun time everytime I boot it up. Also If I had access to emulation I'd be playing Super Tempo, Tryrush deppy and the Saturn version of Liquid kids. All cute platformers...
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    Roker plays the Sega Saturn (various early impressions)

    Bulk has been on my wanted list for over 3 years now. I get close but things come up. Really want that game. As for the Rokers post I own all of those except elevator action returns which has the same problem with me as Bulk Slash. I think Battle Garegga is the best vert and Hyper duel is the...
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    KOF odd vs even - an odd coincidence?

    I have thought about this alot aswell. And I own all the even numbered games except 2002 and have 99 as an outlier. 99 to me is just as good as 2000 and better than any after it. But yeah the even games rock way harder than the odd ones.
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    Women with dyed armpit hair, yay or nay?

    I didnt know woman had arm pit hair.
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    Nintendo Switch

    Wow had no idea I am definitely playing this today.
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    My Neo Story & Collection

    Lol like seriously. His collectard mentality is too strong to see past anything.
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    My phone just died.

    Ive had an S9 for about 3 - 4 years and have dropped it multiple times no cracks but maybe its because I have a good case. Id reccomend it. I originally had one before this but the ex girlfriend got drunk and destroyed it. But even then it took some effort on her part.
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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    I think it had layers. When the guy couldn't bring blunt any further with him up to a certain point was a great moment. You could tell he tried everything up to the last detail and after a while just chose to enjoy her company before she died. This is as far as you go. Just stares at her at...
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    eBay's NEW you ship first we pay you later and charge more in fees system

    Its basically ofsetting the costs of something expensive I baught this week. But you have convinced me. Listing it tonight. I have played and beaten it enough. Someone else can enjoy it or else put it in thier glass case to jerk off to.
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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    I dont want to be right. Edit: okay I like it because its groundhog day with a goal. The sci fi elrments are well made and has great production values. Its like Dark Souls the movie with the deaths over and over. Learning frkm you mistakes and cruises character has some good development. Emily...
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    eBay's NEW you ship first we pay you later and charge more in fees system

    Thinking of selling my mint Musha on ebay this week to get some bonus cash. Im cringing at the cost of the fees when I know it's going to pull in over a grand. Sigh
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    Mortal Kombat (2021) Movie Thread

    The only newish game I liked was Mortal Kombat 9 I think it was? Where raiden saw the future and ended up getting lu kang killed. As a teenager I enjoyed the deadly alliance and Deception era. But fell out with Mortal Kombat X when they started adding in guest movie characters like Alien...
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    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    So King Yuri and Mai all on the same team I assume? But yeah she looks damn good. My girls Bouncy as expected.
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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    Edge of tomorrow again. Tom Cruise best movie and better than groundhog day. Way underrated.
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    Which game in the Real Bout series is the best???

    Real Bout 2 for the characters and gameplay and it gets straight to the point. Id say its the best FF game if you don't count garou. I think RBS comes 2nd and Real bout comes dead last way too many plane switching for my taste.
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    King Kong vs Godzilla.

    The old Godzilla movies had very ridiculous plot points. This is Godzilla vs Kong not the shawshank redemption.
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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    My TV was blasted also at that point you get the idea of blowing your speakers. Had you forgot to take the volume down after switching to something else. The villagers song to me was the most cringeworthy scene in the entire film. Like cult levels.