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    SNK and video game bar cooperate for official license. Peep the SNK merch and dedicated KOF95 cab.
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    Movie infringed on SNK Mai Shiranui design - China. In 2018, the movie Warrior Angels was released in China. It’s a fantasy comedy with characters, like above, that certainly resemble iconic those from The King of Fighters. Now, a court in Beijing...
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    100 Japanese Households Are Getting Super Famicoms So Their Kids Stay Home
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    WTB: Sega DC games

    Looking for the following US Region titles: Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 Space Channel 5 Jet Grind Radio Big Bass 1 & 2 Tetris Many thanks for looking!
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    FS: Sengoku MVS *SOLD*

    Fairly clean cart overall. Tested working. Requires a good home. $45 USD Plus postage. Will ship international. Thanks for looking.
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    WTB: Madcatz Versus arcade sticks (BOUNTY OFFERED)

    Could be a long shot, but I have not been able to find these yet. **Bounty Offered $150** Looking for the Madcatz Versus stick. Xbox version preferable. Happy with PS3 though. Absolute bonus if I can get the Versus connector to affix 2 sticks together. Let me know. Many thanks.
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    Unibios errors on CMVS

    I have not encountered a single problem with my Unibios until now. I put Savage Reign and Fatal Fury Special into the CMVS and Unibios displayed the following errors. Both carts have worked fine in the past. I cleaned the contacts after the errors were displayed and same results...
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    FS: PS1 R-types, N64 MK Trilogy and PS1 Jpn console

    Prices in USD. Shipping worldwide (at extra cost). PS1 R-types (US Version) $25 N64 MK Trilogy (PAL region loose cart, untested as I dont own a Nintendo) $10 PS1 console, loose no cords (Jpn region, tested working) $15 Pictures:
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    FS; MVS carts

    All boards legit and all games tested working. If prices are off let me know. Prices in USD. Shipping worldwide (at extra cost). Last Blade (Jpn) $70 SOLD Sam Sho $15 SOLD Sam Sho II $30 SOLD Sam Sho III $35 SOLD Sam Sho IV $55 SOLD AoF $15 SOLD Fatal Fury $15 SOLD World Heroes $15 SOLD World...
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    WTB: Sega MD/Genesis + Dreamcast titles

    Chasing these titles, any help appreciated - MD/Genesis: Xmen 2;Clone Wars (FOUND) Bare Knuckle 3 Raiden Trad (US) Dreamcast: If you want to get rid of any games, decent chance I may be interested :) Sonic Adventure (US) Sonic Adventure 2 (US) Episode 1 racer (US) Bomberman Online (US)...
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    FS: (SOLD) GCW Zero + hardcase.

    Gcw Zero handheld Open source console. Shipping worldwide. This item is brand new/never used -$145 USD (I was an original kickstarter backer and paid a little extra for the hardcase). Pictures -
  12. xb74

    (ALL SOLD) MVS carts + marquees/dip sheets

    Shipping worldwide. Prices in USD. If the prices are off, let me know. MVS (all original boards/labels) - Real Bout 2 $60 SOLD Real Bout 2 (scratched serials $45) SOLD Crossed Swords $50 SOLD Kabuki Klash (Jpn) $45 SOLD Mini marquees $3 each ALL SOLD Metal Slug SOLD Kabuki Klash SOLD Ninja...
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    New Xbone version possibly in April?

    No blu-ray drive potentially -
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    Insert/instruction manual printing service?

    I have old loose carts of KOtM2 and NAM75 (both Jpn) that I would like to source repro cases/inserts/ manuals for. I did a forum search and scoured Ebay. Having never had to look for this stuff before, who does everyone use or suggest?
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    Galaxy Fight 2 second timer challenge.

    Been years since I played this game and threw it in the CMVS yesterday. I found it is now on the 2 seconds round time limit. Cant remember how to change it, but I must have somehow previously, so played a heap yesterday - pretty cool change up to the game. There was a recent tournament in Japan...
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    WTB - AES games

    Hoping to secure complete copies of these awesome games. Fatal Fury Special (US) FOUND Samurai Showdown 2 (US-DT) Real Bout Special (Jpn) (FOUND) KOF 2001 (Jpn) (FOUND) Any help is appreciated. Cheers.
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    WTB: Dreamcast games

    Hello, I am chasing the following games that I missed the boat on a while back and would like to try them now. I am not very good at schmups but enjoy playing them nonetheless: SCHMUPS- Border down (not sure what this is worth now. Ebay prices were hovering at $150 a while back and now up in...
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    WTB: MVS/AES carts

    Looking to get some carts as per below as I have played the hell out of my current games: Chasing English labels with serials or clean Japanese labels. MVS; Sengoku 2 Savage Reign (FOUND) Pop n Bounce (FOUND) Kabuki Klash (FOUND) Aggressors of Dark Combat (FOUND) Viewpoint Metal Slug 5 Waku...
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    WTB: Scart to BNC cable or breakout board

    Hi there, Is anyone on the site still making these cables, or know where to source a breakout board? My current breakout board has died. For reference, I am running a Sony PVM. Any help is appreciated. Many thanks.
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    WTB: Euro SCART to BNC breakout board

    The first one I grabbed was off ebay over 18 months ago and now there is not a single listing for a breakout board that I can find. Does anybody know where to get them now or is there a tech who would kindly build me one? Many thanks.