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  1. Artemio

    Anyone have 150 bucks I can borrow?

    It is not the same cartride at all. We built the ones at Stone Age gamer ourselves:
  2. Artemio

    Anyone have 150 bucks I can borrow?

    Thanks for the honest feedback. I see what you mean, we did try to give an extra when we saw our costs in order to make it more attractive. We thought that would be called as money grabbing since we would be offering a bare bones version but maybe that would help. Take care and thanks again.
  3. Artemio

    Anyone have 150 bucks I can borrow?

    You seem to think this is for profit, but it is for the joy of making something and learning in the process while trying to give back to teh community from which we have learned so much. The software is open source and free to download, no cost at all. The cart is intended as a service for...
  4. Artemio

    Anyone have 150 bucks I can borrow?

    I understand the feeling, but it is not the case at all. These are hand built and in custom PCBs that will be released as open hardware for other homebrew devs. The cart was made as a service, and complies with the Neo spec. The price is as low as we could go building them ourselves and paying...
  5. Artemio

    240p Test Suite for the Neo Geo AES, MVS and NGCD

    I'll test it at night, the emulator might be blocking the 0xD0 command I guess. (is it this one?
  6. Artemio

    240p Test Suite for the Neo Geo AES, MVS and NGCD

    The program calls the Z80 with command 0xD0 and expects either 0x0A, 0x0B or 0x0C. It is getting 0x00, which might mean the Z80 code is probably not running at all. Which emulator is it so I can help you debug what is happening? I'm sorry, I tested this on at least 10 mvs systems and 4 aes, as...
  7. Artemio

    240p Test Suite for the Neo Geo AES, MVS and NGCD

    I just checked the published ROMS in the zip and ran them on MAME. I don't get the error. This is the xml I use for MAME: Here's a p rom that outputs which code it is getting in order to try and figure out what is happening in that setup...
  8. Artemio

    240p Test Suite for the Neo Geo AES, MVS and NGCD

    You mean if you could use the z80 driver with another game? You could... If you mean the other way around, to use another M1 ROM for the Suite, no unless you hacked it since I specifically coded it to look for a signature upòn some commands... like in the image you post below. Did you get that...
  9. Artemio

    240p Test Suite for the Neo Geo AES, MVS and NGCD

    Thanks for taking the time to use it and give feedback. Great to hear that! Thanks! Those last moinute changes... "help" should take you to cobvergence in that build. Fixed for next iteration. Will change it, thanks. Since the left and right channels are swapped in the system you can enter...
  10. Artemio

    240p Test Suite for the Neo Geo AES, MVS and NGCD

    I am happy to share the newest version of the 240p Test Suite, now available for the Neo Geo platform. It is feature complete, with a few adjustments to make. But I'd like to hear your feedback on it. It is available for download at itchio for free as it has always been. Suggestions are...
  11. Artemio

    Important Capcom CPS2 Announcement

    Dear colleagues, It is our pleasure to announce a very important milestone in arcade conservation, the successful reverse engineering of Capcom's CPS2 security programming. A major development giving full hardware control of this popular platform over to the community, and helping preservation...
  12. Artemio

    240p test suite for Dreamcast, Genesis and Sega CD

    Hello guys, I am developing this software for the Genesis, Sega CD and Dreamcast, all code is open source and available to the public. It is a homebrew software suite for video game consoles developed to help in the evaluation of upscalers, upscan converters, line doublers and of course TV...
  13. Artemio

    WTB: Osman/Cannon Dancer

    Hey guys, I am looking for this board. if anyone is selling please PM or post here. Shipping would be to Mexico, of course I cover all expenses via courier for our safety. You can check my feedback here or at ebay, user gseed.
  14. Artemio

    IC: CPS-2 Hyper Street Fighter 2 USA

    Hello guys. I have a friend with a few Hyper Street Fighter 2 CPS-2 boards (A and B, or B alone) USA version. I know that you might doubt about them being legitimate, but they are. All are in Green cases, and converted officially by Capcom Mexico. They have the original Mask ROMS, original...
  15. Artemio

    CPS-2 on screen coin counter, how to remove it?

    I had never seen this on-screen coin and service counter. (click for larger version) I just got this game today and it is the only of the several CPS-2 games I have that displays this. I already reset the game to fractory settings and changed A boards to see if that was the cause. I also...
  16. Artemio

    The Policenauts Translation Project, Out 2009.08.24

    Hope all the interested people will enjoy it =) Edit: 8/23/09, around 12 PM EDT
  17. Artemio

    Yet Another, Metal Slug 3 boot?

    I just got this one for a friend, and it strikes me as odd that the pcb reads 1994 but all chips read 256. When I opened it and read 1994 and saw the SNK logo my first though was of a conversion, but it looks ok from teh back side and as you can see the bottom pcb reads 1999. Hence I am not...
  18. Artemio

    CPS-2 black rental unit pink screen, not booting

    I have several other CPS-2 boards, and have changed teh batteries in them all. But I was playing Marvel VS Capcom on my cabinet today, the asian rental version in a black metal case, and it worked perfectly fine. However, a few hours later I tried booting it up and got this pink screen...
  19. Artemio

    MVS 1F Motherboard headphone pin out

    Hello, I need this because I built a supergun and want to use the headphone out for stereo sound and keep the SG JAMMA compatible, making it also easier for the other people that use it. I haven't find out this info anywhere, I've tried using google to search the threads in the forum to no...
  20. Artemio

    Another MVS noob

    Hello guys, I have visited teh forums in the past but until a few months ago I was able to get an MVS working on an arcade cabinet. Here are some pics: I have two MVS 1F systems, one of which I plan to use in another (future) cabinet or maybe consolize it. A few MVS carts and one AES cart...